Bloodborne Was Already In Development For PC Years Ago, Says Leaker

Still Waiting For PC Port!

Story Highlights
  • Bloodborne is one of the most demanded PC ports from PlayStation.
  • A former journalist states that PS5/PC ports of the game were in development several years ago.
  • He claims not to have heard much about the project recently, hinting it was put on ice.

Bloodborne is still one of the last generation’s biggest exclusives thanks to FromSoftware’s atmospheric level design. However, it continues to be ignored amid demands for a PC port.

While there have been many rumors and speculations over the years, one well-known journalist has claimed that a new version of the game was indeed in development several years ago.

Why it matters: Recent leaks have confirmed that studios do not require much effort to get a PC port approved. However, with FromSoftware focusing on other projects and Japan Studio no longer in business, there might not be much hope for Bloodborne.

Bloodborne FromSoftware PS4 Sony Ps5

Recently, it was shared on ResetEra that the Dreams PC port was in development, but the developers canceled the project.

In the comments, Imran Khan, who was formerly part of sites like Game Informer and Fanbyte, joined the discussion and talked about Bloodborne. He confirmed the report about Dreams and said:

“Bloodborne PC/PS5 was, at one point, in the works.”

The God of War creator also stated that a remaster of Bloodborne was in the works last year.

However, Imran Khan has not received any updates on the project for many years. The journalist has not been able to corroborate anything about the port from his sources, stating that fans should not hold their breath.

Still, it is surprising that Sony is remastering so many games without acknowledging the success of Bloodborne. Recently, PlayStation announced the rumored Until Dawn remaster.

This remastered horror release for the PS5 will also be accompanied by a PC port. Elsewhere, rumors claim similar treatment will be given to Horizon Zero Dawn soon.

Therefore, these instances show PlayStation is more than willing to remaster older titles, even if they are not the most popular.

Bloodborne FromSoftware PS4 Sony Ps5

A recent PlayStation leak has revealed that the game sold over 7.6 million units on PS4. While many believe that its less-than-stellar commercial performance is to blame for Sony’s lack of interest, this may not be the case.

Bloodborne is likely to be welcomed by a much bigger audience today. With Elden Ring’s success, FromSoftware has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the industry’s favorite studios.

Thanks to this fandom, PlayStation could gain a lot from revisiting one of its best PS4 exclusives.

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