Elden Ring DLC in Quality Assessment; Launch Expected Soon

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Shadow of the Erdtree Closer Than Ever!

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  • New “qa-release” files on SteamDB hint at the Elden Ring DLC entering quality assessment, pointing to an imminent launch.
  • Previous reports and development progress point to a launch this month.
  • The expansion size promises nearly half the original game’s content.

Elden Ring on SteamDB recently received a subtle update that caught the attention of keen fans. This update suggests that the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has entered the quality assessment stage.

Although an official release date is not confirmed yet, the inclusion of “qa-release” files has fueled speculation among fans who are excited about new content. 

Why it matters: Last year, it was reported that Elden Ring DLC is expected to be released in February 2024. Now that the game has entered the QA stage, the expansion is expected to launch sometime this month or in March.

Elden Ring DLC Quality Assessment Stage
Source: SteamDB

This is massive news because it means that the expansion has reached the final stages of development, and the developers are adding the final touches.

Since its initial announcement in February 2023, information regarding the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has been limited. Despite a brief update in December from a FromSoftware producer reassuring fans about the smooth development process, no specific timeline was provided.

However, leaks, data mining, and subtle hints from merchandise manufacturers have sustained the sense of anticipation. Information about the concealed files was discovered through data mining, specifically the addition of “unknown app 2778580,” identified as a DLC file.

This represented the first update to this category in 15 months. A recent, unreported Elden Ring update on SteamDB introduced new DLC “qa-release” and “dev-debug” files.

This suggests that the development team is working to fix bugs and performance issues, handing over the DLC to third-party testers.

Elden Ring

In 2023, it was reported that the DLC had been in development for over a year. Now, a year later, it seems the expansion is finally ready.

Shadow of the Erdtree is expected to provide 20 hours of content, which is more or less half the size of the base game. That’s a significant amount of content, especially for an expansion.

In February of 2023, FromSoftware made an announcement stating that the sales for Elden Ring had reached 20 million. The imminent release of the DLC is expected to drive the sales number a lot higher.

As Elden Ring approaches its second anniversary on February 25, 2024, the possible launch of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC could signify a noteworthy moment for fans. This would not only be the first paid extra content since the game’s release but also the first substantial addition to the game since the Colosseum Update.

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