Helldivers 2 Already Sold 8 Million Units In Just Over A Month

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Performing Well Ahead of Expectations!

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  • Helldivers 2 has performed well above expectations.
  • The game is estimated to have sold 8 million copies in around five weeks.
  • This makes it a much bigger success than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and 2024’s second-biggest release.

Helldivers 2 launched last month, dethroning Palworld from the top spot on Steam’s best-sellers. Over a month later, it has retained this spot, but its actual sales appear to be even more shocking.

Amid the current excitement, Helldivers 2 seems to have sold around 8 million units already.

Why it matters: This makes it the second best-selling game of 2024, right behind Palworld. Both titles are AA games that belong to the live service genre, making this similarity quite interesting.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Is Everything Co-op Fans Wanted

The sales estimate comes from Bloomberg’s latest report. Previously, Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO teased around 3 million units sold, but an analyst from TD Cowen estimates that the current figure has reached 8 million.

Such numbers raise questions about PlayStation’s decision to avoid revealing official figures. According to the analyst, the sales figures are still showing an upward trend, further pushing this live-service title to the heights of success.

The game has performed well above expectations.

-Analyst Doug Creutz

This estimate also puts Helldivers in line with the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This AAA release sold 10 million copies much slower despite the brand value of Spider-Man and past excitement after two releases from Insomniac Games.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Initially Struggled To Accommodate Players Due To Unprecedented Demand

In comparison, the first Helldivers was always considered an underrated title. Because of the game’s AA status, Helldivers 2 is also expected to have been much more profitable than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Going by these numbers, PlayStation may be motivated to pursue more AA projects moving forward.

The gaming giant’s first live-service experiment has been an astounding success, and it only needs to continue this momentum moving forward. While this may be easier said than done, Arrowhead Game Studios has given PlayStation the best possible start on the long road of live-service.

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