Lies of P Reignited My Love For Souls-like Games Like No Other Release Could

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Lies of P Is The Best Souls-like!

Story Highlight
  • Lies of P is the only Soulslike that has come close to the FromSoftware quality for me.
  • The game has tons of small improvements that make it superior to every other Souls-like.
  • Boss battles are another highlight, and the lore is much more straightforward, making the world immediately interesting.

FromSoftware is arguably my favorite studio, and its releases are always up to the mark. I love every single game the developer has released, and yes, Dark Souls 2 is included. My recent favorite game is Elden Ring, which I’m currently struggling to put down.

However, these games are by no means perfect or without room for improvement. Despite its status as Game of the Year, Elden Ring can be further improved upon, and to my surprise, Lies of P makes many unexpected changes to the formula that work really well.

This was among the many surprisingly great releases last year. With praise from audiences and extremely positive reviews, I eventually played the game. Having played this Souls-like multiple times, I can safely say that this revered release reignited my love for Soulslikes as no other title could.

Why it matters: Lies of P is the first non-FromSoftware game from this genre to attain this level of success and reception.

Lies of P
Lies of P Has Some of The Hardest But Fair Boss Fights 

Lies of P Is The Best Soulslike

First and Foremost, Lies of P is the best Soulslike game for me, and yes, I have played Nioh 2.

While the game borrows elements like currency being lost upon death directly from the Souls games, it makes smart changes to this basic mechanic. Gone is the frustration of dying to a boss with tons of Ergos since Lies of P places them outside the boss room after death.

The game even forces you to value the currency further by taking away from it each time you get hit without recovering fallen Ergos. Therefore, with enough carelessness, you can lose your Ergos entirely without dying.

I found this change to be genius and just one part of what made Lies of P so excellent.

Lies of P is Probably the Best Souls-like there is. Here’s why.
byu/AncalagonV inLiesOfP

Elsewhere, traps in Lies of P are much more smartly designed.

I never found myself feeling cheated by FromSoftware’s typical design of hiding enemies or hazardous objects out of sight. Sure, traps like the poison pods were annoying, but they were easy enough to deal with.

Lies of P
Lies of P Managed To Raise The Bar For Soulslikes In 2023

Compelling Boss Battles

Every single boss I have fought in Lies of P was hard, but it felt fair.

While this is a motto FromSoftware follows, the developer often goes overboard. In my opinion, fights like the Valiant Gargoyle Duo and Godskin Duo are examples of poorly designed bosses from Elden Ring.

I consider the Demon Prince or Twin Princes examples of great duo boss fights in FromSoftware games.

Hot take: I think Lies of P bosses are on a similar level to Fromsoft’s bosses
byu/Te4minator464 infromsoftware

While such fights are manageable with enough trial and error, I rarely found Lies of P forcing me to go to such lengths. Round8 Studios kept these battles much fairer without sacrificing difficulty.

Even with four bosses teaming up at one point, I never felt handicapped because of how well-designed this counter was. The Legion Arm also deserves credit here for its utility, which I found more impressive than Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s prosthetic.

Better Story Telling Than Other Soulslikes

Before we proceed, I have a question for you. How much of the main story did you understand during your first Elden Ring, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, or Souls-like game playthrough?

Yeah, me neither. The answer is almost always no unless you watch VaatiVidya’s lore explanation. In the case of Souls-like games, titles like Nioh have portrayed less confusing plots, but the narrative is frankly not that interesting.

I really think Lies of P is an improvement on the storytelling of the soulslike genre
byu/Replikante inLiesOfP

Sekiro is an exception in this instance since it follows a more linear story.

I found Lies of P similar, but its quality was commendable. With the game borrowing from the existing lore of Pinocchio, I was mesmerized by Round8 Studio’s take on these stories.

At no point was I confused or forced to look up explanation videos. This also meant that side quests were more interesting since I was motivated to learn more about the NPCs and the world itself.

At the same time, Lies of P retains the signature environmental storytelling of its competitors. Reading item descriptions, talking to NPCs, and more remain important without becoming the primary form of storytelling.

My Concluding Thoughts

In the end, FromSoftware remains unrivaled in the genre for me. However, Neowiz and Round8 Studio managed to make a game that is so close to FromSoft quality that it caught me off guard.

Lies of P, for me, raised the bar for Souls-likes. Despite the current buzz around Shadow of the Erdree, I’m just as interested in learning about the Lies of P DLC and its sequel since it won me over in a way I never expected.

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