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How To Refund A Game On Xbox [All Methods]

We will guide you on how to request a refund an Xbox game via the console, Xbox store, and Microsoft store in this article.

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Despite Xbox being a big name, it is also lenient with its users. Microsoft has a refund policy on Xbox games if you don’t like the game or are upset about a game’s performance. The procedure for the request for a refund is very easy; however, there are a few terms and conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • To request a refund on an Xbox game, you must be eligible. The criteria for a refund are you must request it within 14 days of purchase, you must not cross the playtime limit, and you must not use single-use items.
  • You can request a refund on an Xbox game through the Microsoft store, Xbox store, and Xbox console.
  • There are several reasons why you can request a refund, like technical issues with the game, accidental purchases, duplicate purchases, and expectations not being met.

Through Microsoft Store

If you want to refund your game through Microsoft, here are the steps:

  1. Open Purchase History: To open the Microsoft account, click on the link > Login using Xbox details > Payment and Billing to review your purchase history.
    Go to Payment & Billing in Microsoft account
    Microsoft Payment & Billing (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Open Purchased Games: Go to Order History > List of purchased games.
    Go to Order History and then List of purchased games.
    Microsoft Order History (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Request Refund: Go to the Game > Click See details link > Purchase details > Request a Refund or a similar option.
  4. A prompt will display asking you the reason for the refund request. It might be that the game did not meet your expectations or some other technical error. Choose accordingly.
Important: Read the refund eligibility conditions carefully before requesting a refund.

Once your refund request is submitted, Microsoft will review your request and see if you’re eligible. The responding process might take a few business days, so you must wait patiently. You’ll receive a notification through Xbox notifications or email about the status of your request. If your request is accepted, Microsoft will return the funds. If it’s declined, you’ll receive a simple message.

Note: You’ll receive the funds on your Microsoft account or return them to the payment service you used. The refund time is up to the service you use to make your payments.

Through Xbox Console

You can file a request for a refund through the console itself, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Order History: Start Xbox console > Settings > Account or Microsoft Account > Payment and Billing > Order History.
    Go to Payment and Billing and click on Order History.
    Xbox Order History (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Request Refund: Browse the game you want a refund > Refund or Request a Refund.
  3. Process Completion: There’ll be a set of instructions displayed on your screen to follow. Once the process is completed, a prompt might appear asking you the reason for the refund. You might be facing a technical issue, or you don’t like the game. Give an appropriate answer.

Through Xbox Store

Here are the steps to complete the refund process through the Xbox Store: 

  1. Game To Refund: Open Browser > Xbox website or Mobile App > Log in to the Xbox’s Microsoft account connected to the Xbox console > Browse the Xbox store > Find the game to get a refund for.
  2. Request Refund: Hit the More option around the Play or Buy > Request a Refund.
    Hit the request a refund button
    Request a Refund (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Process Completion: There’ll be a set of instructions displayed on your screen to follow. Once the process is completed, a prompt might appear asking you the reason for the refund. You might be facing a technical issue, or you don’t like the game. Give an appropriate answer.

Remember that a few steps might be slightly different from what is mentioned. It’s because of the different Xbox console or Xbox website versions. It’s fine, as the changes are very minute, but if you still need any help, contact Xbox Customer Support.

Refund Eligibility

Microsoft always provides the best offers, for instance, refunding the game even if you’ve played it. However, Xbox has a list of terms and conditions necessary for the refund process to go smoothly.

Here are the refund eligibility details:

  • You can request a refund within 14 days after you’ve purchased the game.
  • Your request for a game refund is valid if you’ve not crossed the playtime limit.
  • Your request for a game refund is valid if you have not used single-use items, like consumables.
  • Xbox has a limit on the number and type of refunds allowed and also the monetary compensation offered to every buyer in a year.
  • If you’ve lost the account through which you made the purchase, you must contact your financial institution to request a refund on your behalf.
  • Xbox also offers a refund policy on the game products, but if the users exploit the refund policy, the Xbox team can dismiss the requests unless it’s a legal matter.
    Refund Eligibility
    Refund Eligibility (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Important: Remember that the Xbox team doesn’t always accept your request for a game refund, especially if you’ve not fulfilled the above conditions.

If they do accept it, you’ll see your Microsoft account processing the request, and you’ll not be able to access that game or the game product again. The refund usually takes a few business days, so it’s better to stay in touch with your financial institution to know when you will receive it.

Refund Request Rejection

Some conditions where your request will be denied are:

  • Games purchased on discounts.
  • Games that come into a bundle with other games.
  • Xbox denies the request for games purchased as a gift only if you’re the receiver.
  • Expansions and DLC for games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request for an Xbox game refund?

Yes, you can request a game refund on Xbox, but the approval of a refund needs to meet certain terms and conditions. Refunds are eligible if you’re facing technical issues, dissatisfaction, or duplicate purchases. There are also certain situations where you cannot get a refund.

When can I request a refund for a game on Xbox?

You can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. Microsoft will respond through the Xbox application or email in a few business days.

What happens to my progress if I get a refund for a game on Xbox?

When a game is removed from your Xbox collection, there’s a risk of losing your progress and any purchases you’ve made in the game. It’s a good idea to protect your game saves and advancements. If there are any in-game coins or currency, consider using them before requesting a refund.

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