Hogwarts Legacy Sequel To Use Unreal Engine 5

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Massive Visual Leap Expected For Next Game!

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  • Past leaks and job listings have pointed to the development of a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy.
  • A new job listing for Avalanche Software’s next AAA title seeks experience with Unreal Engine 5.
  • This engine could give the sequel a completely new look.

Hogwarts Legacy marked the grand return of Harry Potter to the gaming industry, quickly taking this IP to new heights. Becoming the biggest game of 2023, this RPG has led to demand for an even more ambitious sequel.

Past evidence has suggested that work on a sequel is already underway. Adding to the excitement, we found a new job listing that hints it will be based on Unreal Engine 5.

Why it matters: Unreal Engine 5 is a major step up over the last iteration in nearly every way, making this an ambitious transition for any AAA title.

Hogwarts Legacy Unreal Engine 5
Job Listing Requirements via Avalanche Software

The studio behind Hogwarts Legacy is currently hiring a Senior Character Artist. This job ad clarifies that the studio is looking to hire developers for its next big project.

Avalanche Software has listed various qualifications needed for this position, including one that asks for experience with Unreal Engine.

Experience with game engines such as Unreal Engine 4/5.

-Senior Character Artist Job Listing

While the job listing mentions both Unreal Engine 4 and 5, the latter is almost certainly going to be Avalanche Software’s pick. Hogwarts Legacy was already based on Unreal Engine 4, but the newest iteration is slowly becoming the industry’s go-to engine.

It is also important to note that Avalanche Software always intended to launch Hogwarts Legacy on last-generation hardware like the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This may have been one of the reasons for its reliance on Unreal Engine 4.

With this no longer being the case for the sequel, the team can leverage Unreal Engine 5. Development using the new engine should mean that features like Lumen and Nanite can be used for further graphical enhancements in the next title.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Avalanche Software already expressed interest in using Unreal Engine 5 in a previous interview.

We are looking forward to Unreal Engine 5 for future projects.

-Jose Villeta

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Sold Beyond Everyone’s Expectations Last Year

The next entry in this franchise is unlikely to arrive for a few more years. By then, the industry should be even more familiar with Unreal Engine 5, making it more suitable for such AAA projects.

In terms of visuals, Hogwarts Legacy was already quite stunning last year. The game even looked satisfactory on the Nintendo Switch, so it will be interesting to see Avalanche Software pushing boundaries with Unreal Engine 5 in the future.

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