Hogwarts Legacy Looks Reasonably Good on Switch In Direct Comparisons

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  • The Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy was delayed after it was released on other consoles.
  • Early footage revealed a smooth gameplay experience.
  • The game doesn’t look half bad for the hardware of the hybrid Nintendo console.

Hogwarts Legacy was one of the biggest releases of 2023, as it received a positive reception from almost everyone. The game sold twice as many copies as expected, making it the most successful release in Q1 2023.

After its release on the current-gen consoles and PC, the game came out on last-gen systems like PS4. Following a delay, Hogwarts Legacy has also made its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Early footage of this version showed that it ran quite well on the handheld. Comparisons with the PS5 also show that the Nintendo Switch version looks surprisingly good when compared side-by-side.

Why it matters: Nintendo has a great lineup of games, but it lacks the hardware to support current-gen games. However, despite these limitations, Hogwarts Legacy appears to be a good conversion for the platform.

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When comparing the two versions side-by-side, it is obvious that the Nintendo Switch lacks many of the bells and whistles featured in the PS5 version.

Hogwarts Legacy lacks a detailed skybox and high-quality textures on the Nintendo Switch. Lighting is also much worse in this version, with the shadows being considerably less impressive. However, all of this can be forgiven for a handheld port.

Considering the Nintendo Switch is quite a bit weaker than the vanilla PS4, these results are nothing short of impressive. When playing in handheld mode, the lack of these graphical details will be less noticeable, making for an enjoyable Harry Potter game on the go.

Hogwarts Legacy

In addition to the cutdown visuals, Hogwarts Legacy required compromises in the open world to be transitioned over to Nintendo Switch. While it runs well for the most part, the game is sectioned off by loading screens, unlike its current-gen counterpart.

Nonetheless, when compared to recent ports like Mortal Kombat 1, Hogwarts Legacy is nothing short of an achievement on the Nintendo Switch. Following this release, it is safe to say that it is up there with the likes of Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein 2 as some of the best ports for the hardware.

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