Hogwarts Legacy For Nintendo Switch Delayed To November 14

Coming In November 2023 Now!

Hogwarts Legacy captured millions of Harry Potter fans in the gaming industry recently. Having made over $1 billion in sales, the game has turned out to be a huge financial success for the developer and publisher.

Recently the game was released for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, showing an impressive port for the older consoles. This gave fans hope for the Nintendo Switch, but the developer has now delayed the Nintendo Switch release to November.

Why it matters: The Nintendo Switch is much weaker in terms of hardware than current-gen consoles, and it can often take much longer to optimize big AAA games for the hybrid console.

Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch will now be released on November 14. This means that fans will have to wait over six months to try the game on the Nintendo platform finally.

However, this also means that the developer is taking the time to optimize the game properly. Previously, AAA games like Doom Eternal have shown great examples of big games running well on the Nintendo Switch.

If done right, Hogwarts Legacy could turn out to be another such example.

With an already successful release on multiple consoles, Hogwarts Legacy could reach new heights after joining the popular Nintendo hybrid console. Meanwhile, fans can already pick it up for other platforms if they are looking to try the critically acclaimed title.

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