Gravity Rush 2 Remaster Reportedly Coming To PS5 And PC

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Reportedly Releasing Late Summer 2024!

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  • A potential Gravity Rush 2 Remastered announcement is expected in May 2024, with a PS5 release in late summer 2024.
  • The game will also make its way to PC at a later date.
  • This information comes from an insider with a history of reliable leaks related to the series.

Gravity Rush 2 is reportedly getting a remastered version for the PS5 and PC, according to a known industry insider. This update follows excitement for the series, boosted by news of an upcoming Gravity Rush movie.

Why it matters: Earlier this year, Sony confirmed that no major first-party title would be released in 2024. In that case, it’s likely a smart move to have some of those remasters or re-releases they’ve been holding onto ready to go.

gravity rush 2 remastered leak

The source, known for sharing reliable info about the series and even spilling details about the movie before, has been dropping hints about the Gravity Rush 2 remaster for about a year now.

Their latest update, posted on the Team Alua Gravity Rush Discord server, gives fans something to look forward to. Although exact dates are still unknown, the insider claims that big announcements will come in May, with a potential release window in late summer.

This hints that we might hear something official from Sony very soon. If all goes according to the leak, players can look forward to returning to Hekseville in late summer 2024.

Additionally, the news that the remaster will also be available on PC means more people can experience Gravity Rush 2. This would mark the first time a Gravity Rush game is being made available on PC.

The insider claims a dedicated photo mode is being tested, allowing players to capture stunning in-game moments. Furthermore, it seems features like “dusty tokens” in the online aspect might get axed.

Gravity Rush 2 Remastered Headed To PC And PS5
Gravity Rush Began As A PS Vita Series

Although Sony hasn’t confirmed these rumors officially, the insider’s history of accurate leaks gives weight to this info. Plus, the timing matches the increased interest in the franchise, suggesting that a remaster would be a smart move for Sony to make the most of the revived fan base.

With Gravity Rush 2 Remastered coming to the PS5, console players have something to look forward to. The remaster should tap into the console’s strong hardware for better graphics and quicker loading.

It would be a big step up from the original PS4 version from 2017. Meanwhile, the same can be said for the PC port. With its mix of action, exploration, and storytelling, the series has won over many fans, and bringing it to PC could bring in even more players.

Keep in mind that this information comes from leaks and hasn’t been confirmed by Sony or the developers. But given the insider’s track record, it’s worth paying attention to these claims, which have caught the eye of Gravity Rush fans.

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