Spider-Man 2 Unofficial PC Port Now Looks Nearly Identical To PS5 Version

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Modders Made Rapid Progress on PC Port!

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  • Following Insomniac’s leaks, modders developed a Spider-Man 2 PC port.
  • The PC port is still being worked on but now looks almost identical to the PS5 version.
  • This version of the game has evolved quickly in just a few months.

Spider-Man 2 has been the biggest success on the PS5 so far. Despite failing to win a single award at TGA 2023, this title has sold 10 million units to date, becoming one of Sony’s fastest-selling titles.

The game is also expected to arrive on PC eventually, but recent attacks on Insomniac have created a complex situation for the studio. An unofficial PC port is already in the wild, and it has come very close to the PS5 build in terms of visuals already.

Why it matters: According to the leaks, the official Spider-Man 2 PC release is expected to arrive in late 2024 or early 2025. However, at this rate, gamers might not have to wait much longer for the complete experience on PC.

As shared by ShyVortex, both versions are nearly identical.

The PS5 image is shown on the left, while the PC version is highlighted by the image on the right. As expected, the PS5 screenshot still looks more complete, but the comparison highlights just how quickly this PC port has evolved.

Since this port is still not complete, the final version could end up looking even better than the PS5 build. It should also be noted that the PC version lacks ray tracing for now, which explains the discrepancy in lighting quality.

Another comparison shared by the same user highlights the differences more clearly. However, many of these can be attributed to the use of ray tracing in the PS5 version, which is expected to be implemented in the unofficial port sooner or later.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 Features Venom As The Main Villain

With how fast the modders are working on the PC port, it could be completed in just a few more months. Some Twitter users even state that the PC version looks slightly better already, showcasing the impressive work of this team.

We found both versions to have their unique strengths, making it a close call. However, we still recommend playing Spider-Man 2 on PS5 for the best experience at the time of writing.

The PC version still has bugs and visual quirks to iron out before it can be ready for a larger audience. It also faces potential threats from Sony, but the team behind the project is currently motivated to finish the port.

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