GTA 6 Now Listed On Metacritic For Consoles; No Mention of PC Platform

Exclusive To Consoles At Launch?

GTA 6 has become the most anticipated release in all of entertainment. Ever since Rockstar confirmed its development, expectations have been through the roof, with many wondering if it will be worth the wait.

A recent discovery on Metacritic has also raised questions amongst the PC community. The page for GTA 6 went live on Metacritic recently, and there seems to be no mention of a PC platform.

Why it matters: Shooters that require precise aiming are often best played on PC due to mouse controls and higher frame rate support. Therefore, it is disappointing to see Rockstar potentially skipping the platform at release.

GTA 6 Metacritic
GTA 6 Listed On Metacritic

The only platforms mentioned are the Xbox Series S|X and the PS5, which has led to concerns about the game being a console exclusive at launch.

We hope this is not the case, as PC fans have been patiently waiting for GTA 6 like the console fans, and the PC platform is a big part of the reason GTA 5 held out for so long.

GTA 5 continues to thrive on PC today. On this platform, the modding community has enhanced the game in several ways, adding unique characters, game modes, and more to the vanilla experience.

The Metacritic page for GTA 6 also appears to point at an imminent reveal apart from the console-exclusive release. Following this discovery, speculation is already underway about a reveal before the end of 2023.

Grand Theft Auto GTA 5

Recently, Rockstar has left several hints about GTA 6. A few days ago, we learned about a private video on the developer’s official website that many suspected pointed to an upcoming teaser for the game.

Now that the game’s Metacritic page has gone live, it appears that those rumors may not have been too far from the truth, and we may learn more about this entry, which has been in development for over eight years.

With the franchise’s history on the PC platform, a release later down the line is expected for the game. Nonetheless, GTA 6 is still a mystery for the most part.

Take-Two has alluded to an April 2024–March 2025 release window, but little else has been confirmed. However, a reveal before the end of 2023 does not appear too far-fetched since the game is rapidly nearing its release.

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