Ark: Survival Ascended Shines In Stunning Survival Gameplay

Built From The Ground Up In Unreal Engine 5!

Ark: Survival Evolved was released over eight years ago. The game was not only well-received by fans and critics but also became a commercial success for the developers, grossing over $1.3 billion since its release.

Following this success, Studio Wildcard is remaking the game in Unreal Engine 5. The remake was scheduled to be released in October until recently, and Studio Wildcard has finally premiered the first gameplay for this ambitious remake.

Why it matters: Ark: Survival Ascended has been completely rebuilt using the groundbreaking technology of Unreal Engine 5.

YouTube video

A two-minute-long gameplay trailer was shown during the recent Xbox Partner Preview, showcasing the team’s grasp on the new version of Unreal Engine.

The video shows a massive graphical leap over Ark: Survival Evolved, with Studio Wildcard using tools like Lumen, Nanite, and more to bring the rebuilt survival game to life.

New features like cross-platform modding have also been announced. This will allow console players to enjoy modding support, letting them access custom maps, game modes, and more.

While the game was expected to arrive this month, only the PC version is coming out today in early access. On the other hand, Xbox Series S|X consoles will receive a preview build next month.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Nonetheless, we have been impressed with the latest footage.

Studio Wildcard appears to have done a good job despite the controversies surrounding this remake and its price. Ark: Survival Ascended will also bundle all the previously released DLCs into one package, allowing players to experience the remake with all of its content.

From the footage shown today, this remake will breathe new life into the survival franchise. The game looks jaw-dropping thanks to Unreal Engine 5, and it features plenty of new additions to provide a familiar but fresh experience for returning players.

Ark 2 is also expected to arrive next year, using the current momentum to continue the survival-IP’s success.

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