Spider-Man 2 Is One of The Highest Rated Games on PSN

Rated 4.95/5 With Over 16.5K Reviews!

Spider-Man 2 marks an impressive milestone for PlayStation and Insomniac. Apart from being the developer’s first 90-plus scored release on Metacritic in many years, the game has now become PlayStation’s biggest first-party launch to date.

Therefore, the title has been a breakout hit. This success is also reflected in the game’s rating on PlayStation, with the superhero release rated 4.95/5 based on over 16.5K reviews.

Why it matters: Spider-Man 2 has lived up to the mantle of PlayStation’s biggest blockbuster of 2023. This success will also ensure Insomniac is able to work on more entries for the series.

As spotted by Twitter user Pyo, Spider-Man 2 shows a nearly flawless record on the platform. According to the report, 97% of the players gave it a 5/5 rating on PSN, with only 1% of players leaving a negative score.

For the unfamiliar, this rating system was recently introduced by PlayStation in September. Only players who own the game are allowed to leave reviews, but this system is limited to owners of digital copies.

Compared to user reviews on platforms like Metacritic, these ratings cannot be artificially inflated or bombed. The user also notes that he has not been able to see any other game with over 10K reviews rated as high as Spider-Man 2.

Therefore, despite competition from the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy 16, and more in 2023, the web-slinger has pulled ahead as a favorite among PlayStation users.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The score highlights that Spider-Man 2’s fan reception aligns with the critical scores. On Metacritic, the game is just behind Batman Arkham Asylum as the third-best-rated superhero release.

We believe these scores are an accurate representation of the game. Despite a few bugs, we have found little to complain about since Spider-Man 2 delivers arguably the best outing for the superhero in the gaming industry to date.

Following this success, Insomniac has already begun to prepare for the future. The studio is open to a Venom spin-off, and a third game has also been teased. Such teasers have led to even more excitement for the franchise.

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