Former Gears Narrative Director Now Part of God of War Franchise

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Joined As Narrative Director For God of War!

Story Highlights
  • Bonnie Jean Mah started working on Gears in 2014.
  • She worked as a narrative director, leading the new direction of the franchise under the leadership of Xbox.
  • The developer has now joined Santa Monica Studio to work on God of War as a narrative director.

The Gears franchise has gone through various changes recently. Recent games in this series have pivoted to a new story, being brought to life by a new cast of characters after The Coalition decided to pass the torch on to a new generation.

This direction was possible thanks to the efforts of the narrative director, among other developers. While Gears 6 is expected to be an impressive title and arrive in 2026, narrative director Bonnie Jean Mah is no longer part of this team.

The former Gears narrative director has now joined Santa Monica Studio.

Why it matters: Since a God of War Ragnarok DLC or standalone game is rumored to be in development, the narrative director could play a major role in shaping its story and characters.

On Twitter/X, Bonnie Jean Mah has announced that she is now part of the God of War franchise. While Santa Monica Studio already has a brilliant team, this addition will help the studio produce better stories.

Since Bonnie Jean Mah will be serving in a similar position, she will bring several years of narrative experience to the God of War franchise. In the past, she highlighted her talents and quickly progressed to higher ranks among Gears developers.

She joined the franchise as a narrative manager in 2014. Several years later, she was selected as the Gears narrative lead at The Coalition in 2019 after she returned to the studio. Between this time, Bonnie Jean Mah worked on Age of Empires 4.

God of War Ragnarok

The developer made massive contributions to Gears 5, which came out four years ago, and Gears Tactics. She also worked as a narrative writer at TiMi Montreal, which is owned by Tencent. Therefore, there is little doubt about her experience and skills.

Since 2018’s God of War, Santa Monica has become popular for its stories and well-written characters. Therefore, Bonnie’s presence at the studio should ensure this type of excellent writing quality is maintained in future entries.

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