Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Soars Beyond 5 Million Sales

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Ace Combat 8 Being Worked On!

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  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was the first mainline title for the franchise after many years.
  • It has sold over 5 million units in 4 years.
  • This achievement brings the total franchise sales up to 19 million.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown provides an exhilarating blend of arcade and simulation flight gameplay. Having been released in 2019, this entry has put this nearly 23-year-old franchise back on track.

Arriving over a decade after the last mainline entry, Bandai Namco has revived this franchise successfully. The game has reached a new milestone recently, boasting over 5 million copies sold in just four years.

Why it matters: This success is encouraging for the future of the series. Bandai Namco could pursue Ace Combat 8 ​​with a higher budget and greater ambitions after these results, leading to the possibilities of the best game for this IP in the future.

In August, Project Aces confirmed that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was moving toward this milestone.

The last milestone from the studio was confirmed in November 2022, when the game reached 4 million sales. Therefore, it has taken another year to gather 1 million additional sales.

Following the latest milestone, the franchise has also crossed 19 million sales. With more eyes than ever on this series, the 7th mainline title has set up future entries for success.

Ace Combat 8

These are very promising results for a genre and franchise that is not too popular today.

Recently, the developers confirmed that a new team was being created for work on Ace Combat 8. The studio has established a new office and is currently looking to hire developers to work on this project.

Since the franchise has always relied on impeccable visuals for its presentation, Ace Combat 8 ​​is targeting photorealistic visuals through Unreal Engine 5.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has proven to be a valuable entry for this series. Following a long slumber, the arcade flight combat franchise is soaring to new heights, and it is expected to continue this success with the sequel.

Motivated by these figures, Bandai Namco will continue to innovate and offer fresh experiences through the IP, ensuring Ace Combat remains a vital part of flight gameplay in the modern industry.

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