Gears Creator Wants Reboot For Franchise Like God of War 2018

"Gears Needs Bit of A Reboot!"

The Gears franchise is expected to return with a new entry in 2026. With Gears 4 passing the torch to a new generation of characters, the series has evolved in many ways, but Cliff Bleszinski believes it needs another shakeup.

Cliff Bleszinski is the original creator of the series, and he recently expressed his thoughts about an interesting direction for the franchise. He believes Gears could use a reboot.

Why it matters: Besides Halo and Forza, Gears is the biggest and oldest Microsoft first-party series. This IP has always been a valuable asset for Xbox, so many are excited to see it thriving in the future.

Gears 5

During an interview with Comicbook, Cliff Bleszinski was asked if the creator would be interested in revisiting this series through a comic. He expressed an interesting opinion and compared the series to God of War.

The former Gears developer stated:

“I believe Gears needs a little bit of a reboot, like God of War had.”

The comparison with God of War is interesting because, at one point, the series had lost all of its steam despite its current popularity suggesting otherwise.

After God of War Ascension in 2013, the franchise suffered from poor sales and went into a long slumber. Many developers and higher-ups at Sony had lost faith in the series until Cory Barlog turned things around with a new direction for God of War in 2018.

While this game was a direct sequel to God of War 3, it fundamentally changed the franchise, introducing a new style of gameplay, semi-open environments, and a much bigger focus on Kratos and the supporting cast.

Such elements resonated with old fans and newcomers, leading to 23 million sales for the game. Therefore, it is easy to see why Cliff Bleszinski believes a similar reboot would benefit Gears.

He also stated that Phil Spencer is always welcome to talk to him about anything related to this flagship Xbox IP.

Gears 5

Compared to God of War, Gears has stuck to its core third-person shooter gameplay very closely.

Phil Spencer has previously discussed the idea of a horror focus for the series. While this never came to fruition, such changes could breathe new life into the IP. Reports have also claimed that Gears 6 will be an open-world game.

This innovation could prove crucial for the title, making it similar to God of War’s pivot from the hack-and-slash genre.

Nonetheless, very little is currently known about Gears 6 or its future direction. Reliable leakers have claimed it will be an impressive game, while Cliff Bleszinksi has also pointed to exciting things for this entry.

Whatever the case may be, fans can expect the game to arrive on the Xbox Series S|X and PC within the next few years.

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