Phil Spencer Wanted More Horror Elements In Gears Of War

Phil Spencer Wanted More Horror!

Gears of War has been among Microsoft’s best first-party franchises for over a decade. With fantastic visuals and intense third-person gameplay, each new game has delivered an engaging experience for the Xbox audience.

The last entry in the franchise was released over three years ago, and work on Gears 6 is already underway. This has caused excitement within the fanbase, with many curious about the approach to future games.

While the latest entries have shifted focus to action-packed gameplay, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer appears to be a fan of the horror elements featured in earlier Gears of War titles. In a recent podcast, Gears of War Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski revealed that Phil Spencer wanted to return to these horror elements.

He stated:

“That was Phil Spencer’s main note when Microsoft acquired the Gears IP. He said let’s get back to some of that horror stuff. 

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Cliff Bleszinski further stated that the original Gears of War took inspiration from Resident Evil for a blend of horror and high-octane action. However, recent games like Gears 4 and 5 lost some of that balance, favoring action-packed playstyles over darker tones. 

Horror games have seen a resurgence in recent years. The last few months have brought releases like The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space Remake. Additionally, Resident Evil 4 Remake is just a few weeks away, ensuring that horror fans have plenty to look forward to.

This could mean that Gears 6 might revisit some of these lost themes from the earlier games. With the newfound interest in the horror genre, this might be the perfect opportunity to realize Phil Spencer’s vision for the franchise.

More horror elements would also help the franchise head in a fresh direction. With over 15 years of history, the series has seen numerous entries, and some variety would likely be great for new and existing Gears fans.

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