Fans Believe Black Ops 2 Remains Unrivaled As Best Call of Duty

Black Ops 2 Unmatched 11 Years Later!

Modern Warfare 3 is the next major release for the first-person shooter genre in November. Previously expected to be released as a premium DLC for the popular Modern Warfare 2, this entry will continue Activision’s tradition of annual releases.

It features classic maps from Modern Warfare 2 2009 while implementing community feedback from the last game. However, despite such changes and nostalgic additions, many believe Black Ops 2 remains unmatched as the best Call of Duty.

Why it matters: Black Ops 2 was released more than a decade ago. However, it has aged gracefully due to its immersive story and incredible multiplayer experience.

Black Ops 2 has always received love from the fans as it was one of the most innovative Call of Duty games at the time. When asked on Twitter about their favorite Call of Duty game, most fans picked this 2012 release without much hesitation.

The game introduced a more futuristic setting than its predecessors, and new additions like the Pick 10 class system provided significant evolutions over Call of Duty’s established formula.

Black Ops 2 also featured incredible maps, with Raid, Hijacked, Standoff, and Slums being remembered fondly to this day. These maps were small and focused on tight encounters through a three-lane design philosophy, which resonated with fans in 2012.

Many fans enjoyed the campaign, which included returning characters like Woods and Mason while introducing choices for alternate paths and multiple endings.

Even in 2023, the game is still relevant, as it saw a massive resurgence in July with over 10K players. Following this boom, it became July’s 4th best-selling digital game in the UK. This shows that even after a decade, fans have not forgotten about Black Ops 2.

We also agree with this opinion since Treyarch moved the Call of Duty franchise forward with this release in many ways. Ideas like the Pick 10 system and scorestreaks stuck around, with the template only changing recently after 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. 

A new Black Ops game is expected to arrive from Treyarch in 2024. Rumors state that it will take place during the Gulf War and feature a number of remastered maps from the 2012 Call of Duty entry.

Therefore, Black Ops 2 will live on through its iconic maps, which are arguably unrivaled over a decade later.

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