Grand Theft Auto Fans Desperate For Official GTA 6 Reveal

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Growing More Impatient With Each Passing Day!

The fandom around GTA 6 has never been more desperate for new information. Having spent ten years with GTA 5, many fans are understandably weary of this entry, looking for something new from the beloved franchise.

However, the secrecy around GTA 6 has made it appear like a myth for some. Rockstar is still pushing new updates for its 10-year-old game, showing no signs of an official reveal or trailer for its upcoming title.

While a massive leak last year quenched the thirst of many fans who had been longing for a glimpse at GTA 6, it showed an old and incomplete build. One year later, fans are almost at their wits’ end after being convinced that October would finally deliver an official reveal.

Why it matters: Grand Theft Auto fans have been theorizing about GTA 6 for many years. With the game closer than ever, these theories have begun to pick up the pace, often walking a fine line between complete insanity and plausibility.

Less than a month ago, Rockstar tweeted this image to promote the Happy Moon Festival in GTA Online. The prominence of ‘VI’ immediately caught everyone’s attention, leading to theories about a potential teaser from the studio.

In the days that followed, many leaks and rumors claimed that GTA 6 would finally be unveiled in October. Fans pointed to Rockstar’s tendency to reveal games in October, while others grasped at straws and stated that the lack of a pinned tweet from the studio indicated something big.

A leaker claimed to have contacts at Rockstar through his wife, and GTA 6 received a fake rating in Australia. While none of these appeared extremely likely, fans were more than happy to hold out hope till the rumored 26 October date.

Just one day before this date, a page for the game went live on Metacritic, sparking even more excitement among fans. Unfortunately, 26 October came and went, but GTA 6 is still nowhere to be seen.

Following a disappointing conclusion to the excitement around 26 October, the cycle of GTA 6 leaks and speculation has already begun again.

Youtuber LegacyKillaHD claims a reveal is unlikely to arrive before 2024, with developers expecting a launch after 2024, which is still in line with Take-Two’s hint at a Fiscal Year 2025 launch.

On the other hand, some fans are still hopeful, urging others to remain excited till 8 November.

The hype train still runs, final stop is November 8
byu/FrenshyBLK inGTA6

This date will mark the arrival of Take-Two’s latest earnings report. A Redditor believes that an announcement could still be made before or around this date, though the Reddit user has already admitted that this theory may be a bit too far-fetched.

While we understand why everyone is so desperate for a GTA 6 reveal, we hope Rockstar takes its time with the announcement. Since the developer has already waited so long, we would rather see the best possible version of the reveal than a rushed job.

However, one thing is for certain, the community will continue to speculate and make theories about GTA 6 till then, even if this may not make a lot of sense.

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