PlayStation Allegedly Scaling Back Live Service Focus After Recent Layoffs

Working With Sega And Bandai For Classic IPs!

While live-service games became popular after successes like Fortnite, the genre is slowly dying, with the likes of Apex Legends and Call of Duty leaving little room for other studios to break into this segment of gaming.

Like others, PlayStation intended to become a dominant live service force, pushing its internal teams to create games that can be sustained for many years. However, following development hurdles with The Last of Us multiplayer, this approach may have changed.

According to a new report, PlayStation is backtracking on its decision to push for live service games.

Why it matters: PlayStation’s studios have become accustomed to making single-player games. Therefore, this sudden shift was uncomfortable for many of the developers.

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ResetEra user Head on the Block has revealed that Sony is teaming up with the likes of Sega and Bandai Namco. The user believes this will allow PlayStation to revive classic IPs as it moves away from live service.

According to the report, Sega is helping with an IP that has a lot of potential. However, none of these changes will be seen in the short term, with Head on the Block expecting a period of at least four years before the benefits are passed on to the consumers.

It is important to note that this report is not officially confirmed. PlayStation had planned to become a major part of this market by 2026, so a sudden shift may appear a bit strange.

However, recent live service reveals like Concord and Fairgame$ have received a lukewarm reception. The gaming giant has also seen a number of layoffs at different studios, including Visual Arts, Naughty Dog, and Media Molecule.

Therefore, these factors, combined, may have led to the decision reported by Head on the Block. 

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We see this as a positive step. Its expertise lies in strong single-player games, so it should focus on new and innovative ways of exploring this genre.

At the same time, PlayStation can observe the games as a service market. With studios like Bungie, the gaming giant can gradually pivot toward this challenging segment, making the transition smoother for its talented developers.

Since studios like Naughty Dog have struggled to create an exciting live service offering, this decision may have been for the best. However, nothing has been confirmed for now, so it would be best to take the information with a slight pinch of salt.

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