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GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo Review

An in-depth review of GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1, looking at Unboxing, Tests, Features & what the 3-In-1 actually contains.



Long story short, the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 is a budget segment combo offer addressing the basic demands and needs of the users. They are doing it in quite some style. The RGB backlighting is on the spot and the overall performance is satisfactory. This little combo in pocket-friendly pricing is a perfect product to uplift your white build.

  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Performance - 8.5/10


  • White color basic mouse mat
  • White color gaming mouse
  • White color keyboard
  • Mechanical TKL keyboard
  • Red Switches
  • Detachable USB Type-C Cable
  • RGB Backlight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • N Key Rollover


  • Average Tracking of the mouse
  • 3M Clicks Life Span of Mouse Switches
  • No height adjuster on the keyboard

To begin with, GAMDIAS has graciously sent us a new product, named the ‘HERMES E4.’ Primarily speaking, it comprises a combination of three essential peripherals, i.e., a 60% TKL (Ten Keys Less) Mechanical Keyboard, supplemented by a Gaming Mouse, and of course, a complementary Mousepad, with all three components exuding a White-Themed appeal, rounded off by a multitude of salient features, including, but not limited to:

  • 60% Multi-Colored Mechanical Keyboard
  • RGB 12800 DPI Ergonomic Mouse
  • Non-Slip Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Packing Box       

GAMDIAS’ Mouse, Mousepad, and Keyboard’s 3-IN-1 box aesthetic.
GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Packaging – The overall package exhibits a multi-themed Design Language.

Firstly, the combo is shipped inside a cardboard box with GAMDAIS theme styling all over it. The keyboard is mentioned to be using GAMDIAS-certified mechanical RED switches. The gaming mouse has a DPI of up to 12800. The mouse mat is extended and reinforced.

GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Box’s backside displaying the peripheral’s features in several differing languages.
Rear view of the Combo’s packaging featuring detailed descriptions alongside each of the devices’ individual specifications in a multitude of languages.

The specifications are printed over here. The EAN and UPC info labels are printed as well. A serial number is also printed. The salient features are printed in 8 languages.

GAMDIAS 3-IN-1 Combo’s Packaging’s Contents featuring the mouse, mousepad, and keyboard.
GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Box’s Contents – the keyboard, mousepad, and mouse, along with their respective cables and user manuals have been packed neatly.

Secondly, as we initiate the unboxing procedure, we’re pleasantly greeted by the somewhat neat arrangement and packaging of the various peripherals and their individual power cables. The mouse mat is rolled over and placed on the top. The keyboard is placed inside a white color container and tucked inside two white color Styrofoam pads. The mouse is also placed inside a white color container and placed on the right side of the keyboard. The keyboard’s detachable cable is placed at the base.

Closer Look

Let’s take a look at the bundled items one by one starting with the mouse mat.

GAMDIAS HERMES Combo’s Mousepad - Unboxed.
GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mousepad evincing a sleek, white mono-aesthetic toying with a bit of grey.

The mouse mat is extended from the regular size mouse mat and measures 480x270x3mm. Here 3mm is the thickness of the mouse. There is no mention of the material used in the mouse mat. The top view of the mouse mat tells us that it is not a pure white finish rather a grayish-white sort of tint is there.

It is quite stylish in design. We can see the GAMDIAS branding in a dark grey color. The border is in black color with a woven style and a fine stitching job.

Showing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mousepad’s Greyish-Black underside.
Showcasing the GAMDIAS HERMES Mousepad’s rear-side, revealing a friction-inducing stitched pattern.

The above picture shows the back side of the mouse mat. This is a non-slippery textured pattern interface that sits quite well on the surface.

We have used this mat on the glossy top of our table. It is non-slippery and we’re able to induce friction when moving or sliding this mouse mat on the table which is indeed a good design.

Flaunting the HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Mousepad’s Black borders.
Illustrating the GAMDIAS Mousepad’s intricate Black borderlines.

The above picture shows the black color border in the close-up. The woven and stitching job is good.

Since the mouse mat comes rolled up, it will take some time to unbend and sit evenly on the table. You can place some weight on it for some time to remove the bends and get a straight laid-out mat.

Flourishing the White Mouse’s aesthetic appeal, with a flair of black down the middle in the form of GAMDIAS’ logo.
Presenting the GAMDIAS HERMES Combo’s wired Mouse, painted in a gorgeous White colour with the manufacturer’s logo printed towards the middle of the downwards slope.

Looking at the mouse, it has a dimension of 127x66x42mm. Its weight is 116g. For reference, we have been using the DREVO Falcon RGB Gaming Mouse which has a weight of 70gm.

Furthermore, the XPG PRIMER has a weight of 95gm. The Endgame Gear XM1 gaming mouse has a weight of 70gm. We’ve been using this collection of mice for an extended period of time on a daily basis.

As such, the 115gm weight is definitely more than these lightweight gaming mice that we have been using. This is why we spent more time on the GAMDIAS gaming mouse to get used to its weight and other functions.

Moreover, the overall outlook of the GAMDIAS gaming mouse is quite appealing. It has a stylish yet bold design. It has 7 buttons. The mouse is wired using a USB cable of length 1.6m. The polling rate of the mouse is 125Hz.

Showing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mouse’s Buttons and Scroll Wheel.
Close-up view of the GAMDIAS Mouse’s primary clicking buttons split in half by the White Scroll Wheel with a tinge of grey on either sides.

There are two main buttons (Left and Right) on the front having a mouse wheel in the center. GAMDIAS has not mentioned anything about the switches of this mouse. All we know is that the switches have a life span of 3 Million clicks.

Evidently, this is a disappointingly underwhelming figure since we’re used to employing numerous mice that boast durability numbers (Switch Lifespans) varying anywhere between 20M to 50M clicks.

Nevertheless, considering the budget-orientation of GAMDIAS’ Mouse and the overall HERMES E4 Combo, we’re more than willing to turn a blind eye towards this dissatisfactory figure.

Adding on, the buttons have a sloped design which sits well in the overall flow of the design. The scroll button has a textured grip which is also white in color. It is not as smooth as we have the scroll wheel on the other mouse but it is doing a fine job. The grip is quite good. There is no free scroll option so you have to continuously scroll up or down so you will have to use the scroll wheel in continuity. The buttons have hollow clicky noise which is slightly different on both buttons. The scroll wheel has a diffuser that is RGB backlit.

Parading the elegantly declining trajectory of the Mouse’s palm-rest.
Emphasizing the downward-sloping stylization of the GAMDIAS Mouse.

The backside of the gaming mouse has a slope design. Given the size and the layout of the mouse, it is more suitable for a palm grip style, and at the same time, it will cover the claw grip. There is a backlit GAMDIAS brand logo there which is in black color. Once it is lit, the complete logo will reflect the color.

Displaying the GAMDIAS Mouse’s side-exterior.
Flaunting the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-Combo’s Mouse’s graceful side-profile design quirks.

The right side of the mouse has a stylish cutout layout. This is a purposed design as it has RGB backlighting which though remains invisible to the human eye, still gives a nice glow in the darkness. Notice the gap between the right button and the base on which it is resting. Normally this gap is not apparent. The left side has a narrow gap as well.

Exhibiting the GAMDIAS Mouse’s side-mounted reprogrammable Macro buttons.
Highlighting the HERMES E4 Mouse’s left-sided two reprogrammable macro buttons for heightened convenience and ease of access in the midst of rigorous gaming sessions.

The left side has two buttons on the upper side. These are pre-programmed buttons to act as Forward and Backward. There is software available that the user can use to program these buttons as per the requirement. The bottom side has an inset layout which is a handy design making this mouse ergonomically fit. Your hand will have a good and comfortable grip on this mouse without getting fatigued. The upper portion of the side has a cutout which is also RGB backlit much like the right side of the mouse.

Featuring the HERMES E4 Combo’s Mouse’s underneath, complemented by two black mice feet for bettering the collective experience.
Showcasing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo Mouse’s underside, supplemented by a pair of Black TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) mice feet with regards to enhancing grip, and the overall usage experience, in theory.

Looking at the base of the mouse, we can spot two TPE mouse feet. One is on the top and the other is at the base. While they are there to provide a resistance-free movement, they are actually a bit rough and acted against the main purpose. Using them on the GAMDIAS mouse mat gives us a resistant feeling when moving the mouse around. There is a white color button on the upper side. It is used to toggle among the 13 pre-loaded RGB modes. The mouse is using 5V with 100mA.

Speaking of the sensor the installed sensor can provide a maximum DPI rating of 12800. The supported resolution on this gaming mouse is:

  • 1200
  • 2000
  • 3200
  • 4800
  • 7200
  • 12800

The user can use the button on the top, behind the scroll wheel to toggle between these DPI resolutions. The mouse is very responsive to the change in DPI. Unfortunately, GAMDIAS has not provided any input on the make and model of the sensor.

Close-up picture of the HERMES 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mouse’s White USB Type-A connection.
Macroscopic view of the GAMDIAS E4 Mouse’s wired connection, i.e., a USB Type-A connector (painted white).

The mouse is using USB Type-A cable for connectivity purposes.

GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Wired Mechanical Keyboard painted White.
GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Wired Mechanical Keyboard – White.

Now, coming to the main element of this combo, which is the mechanical gaming keyboard, GAMDIAS has done a fantastic job with the keyboard. This keyboard has 61 keys making it a 60% TKL size keyboard. The keyboard has a dimension of 292x102x40mm. Its weight is 519gm. The key caps are made of thin ABS material. There is a solid backplate under the keys which is a plus. All keycaps are RGB backlit. The writing on the caps is clear, however, they all are not centrally aligned and some keys have large-size letter printing compared to the others. Speaking of the features, this is an N-Key rollover type which is a good aspect. The keyboard has a Windows lock key as well. The space bar has a GAMDIAS branding along with a line over the top that looks cool to me. The polling rate is 1000Hz.

Showing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Keyboard’s side-view.
Spotlighting the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mechanical Keyboard’s Side Profile.

Looking at the side, we can see the solid build quality of the keyboard. It is also in a slope-down design with the top keys having more life compared to the other rows. Despite being a 60% TKL design, the keyboard is a bit heavier which seems fine to me.

Displaying the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Keyboard’s front view, with a cornered USB Type-C power connection being highlighted.
Flaunting the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Keyboard’s frontside view featuring the USB Type-C port conveniently tucked away into the corner.

There is no branding on the front side of the keyboard. We have a USB Type-C port on the left. The placement of the cable port is actually a smart move. Most of the keyboards have this port in the middle.

Showcasing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Combo’s Keyboard’s underneath, highlighted by the presence of four rubber feet and brief regulatory warnings.
Exhibiting the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mechanical Keyboard’s underside featuring the presence of four rubber feet for increasing overall friction, and thus, grip.

Looking at the backside of the keyboard, we can see 4 rubber feet that make the keyboard sit firmly on the surface. The keyboard is using 5V with 200mA current. There is one catch here. There is no height adjustment provision on this keyboard. Although the keyboard is ergonomically designed to provide a lift coming to the body design, the lack of tabs to raise the height is a missing element here.

Showing GAMDIAS’ 1.7m long detachable White USB Type-C to USB Type-A power cable for the keyboard.
Spotlighting the 1.7m long USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable that GAMDIAS has graciously bundled for the keyboard’s connectivity.

GAMDIAS has provided a detachable USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable for connectivity. This cable runs to 1.7m.

Flaunting the packaged keycap puller (black) with a thumb groove.
Revealing the included keycap puller (painted black), even though we don’t recommend using this, for fear of inducing scratches on your precious keycaps.

A Black-coloured keycap puller is also provided.

Evincing the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Keyboard’s ‘Red’ Mechanical switches.
Exhibiting the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo’s Mechanical Keyboard’s ‘Red’ switches.

This keyboard is using GAMDIAS certified Red switches. The OEM is not known. These switches are rated for up to 50M clicks. The red switches are quite good on this keyboard making my favorite sound. The keycaps are not wobbling and a slight touch on the keycap results in actuation.

Since this is a TKL design, we have a lot of key combinations here to work with which is understandable. The WASD and direction keys using arrow symbols has to be enabled by pressing Fn and the Properties key. Pressing the above combination disables the WASD from working and enables the direction arrows. Pressing the combination again will disable the direction keys and enable the WASD keys. Pressing the Fn key with the Win lock key will the Start button action and reverses it by pressing the combination again.

The complete key combination is listed below.


We have a White-coloured daily driver built on the table as can be seen in the picture below:

Showing off our gracefully elegant White PC Build being used to test-drive the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo.
Parading our beautiful in-house Test Build, which primarily flaunts a White theme and also serves a dual purpose as one of our many daily drivers.

This white build has been uplifted by the budget-friendly HERMES E4 3-IN-1 combo.

RGB Lighting

GAMDIAS has done a good job in the RGB backlighting of the keyboard and the gaming mouse. Here are a few pictures:



To conclude, GAMDIAS has launched a new combo product in the gaming peripheral category. This is named HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo. This new product falls under the HERMES series from GAMDIAS. The combo comprises a 60% TKL mechanical gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a gaming mouse mat. All three products are in white color and they can uplift any white color set-up quite well.

The mouse mat is extended for this combo as the keyboard and mouse can be conveniently placed on the mat and used. The mat has GAMDIAS branding in a dark gray color making this light white and gray color combination quite appealing and bold. The stitching and woven work are good. The mouse mate is made of reinforced fiber as the text mentioned on the website. The main material is not known. The mat is not slippery which is an added benefit.

The gaming mouse is also white in color and has a size of 127x66x42mm. Its length and the raised central portion with a slope design make it convenient and comfortable for the palm grip style. However, it can be used for the claw grip style as well. The mouse is a good choice for people with large size hands. Its overall design is ergonomic. The mouse has a total of 7 buttons. GAMDIAS has not mentioned the switches this mouse is using. Given the 3M life span of the switches, we can guess that the switches are not high-end. In this price range, it is a passable offer.

The mouse has RGB backlighting on the four zones. There are two cutouts on both sides. There is a GAMDIAS logo on the backside and the scroll wheel has a diffuser. All these light up giving this mouse a fantastic outlook when in action. There is a button behind the scroll wheel. It changes the DPI resolution from 1200 to 12800. There is another button on the bottom of the mouse. It is programmed to change the pre-defined 13 lighting modes. The placement of this button is not convenient. It should have been on the main frame for easy access.

There is no sensor information provided. The DPI scale starts at 1200 and goes as high as up to 12800 on this mouse. This is still an ok configuration. However, we noticed that the TPE mouse feet are prone to resist the free movement of the mouse and particularly we observed this behavior on the GAMDIAS mouse mat. The tracking was improved once the mouse was placed on the glossy tabletop. The weight of the mouse is 115gm. So far the mouse we have used are quite lightweight like 70gm. We spent more time on this gaming mouse to get used to it before giving our opinion. The mouse is wired and uses a 1.6m USB Type-A cable which is also white in color.

The main show of the combo is the keyboard. GAMDIAS has provided a 60% TKL gaming mechanical keyboard. This keyboard has 61 keys. It is using GAMDIAS-certified Red mechanical switches. They have not provided the actuation and force data on these switches. We have found the switches working fine and yes, they are linear and quite fast. The key caps are not wobbling and a slight touch on the keycaps will result in actuation. Good job, GAMDIAS.

Since the keyboard sports a TKL form factor, it won’t come as much of a shock to learn that the Function Row is entirely missing, propelling prospective buyers, and thus users, to integrate a number of different combinations within their muscle memory. One key note here is the use of the direction keys. There are no dedicated direction keys, which is understandable. The WASD keys are dual-function. They can be used to write the W, A, S, and D letters or by pressing the key combination (we have mentioned in the Closer Look section above), the WASD function is disabled and these keys will function as directional arrows which can be reversed by using the same key combination. The sooner you learn the key combination on this keyboard, the better grip you will get on it.

There is a Windows lock key as well. The space bar has a GAMDIAS branding on it which is not backlit. The brightness can also be controlled using a key combination. In addition, the keyboard has a solid backplate. However, there is no height adjuster on this keyboard which is a missing element though they have designed the overall layout in a sloping manner still, the user may want to adjust the height of the keyboard.

The keyboard has a detachable USB Type-C cable for which the port is provided on the left side which is a wise move. The cable has a 1.7m length and it has a USB Type-C to USB Type-A interface. The keyboard uses 5V, 200mA power.

In conclusion, we’ve been utilizing this 3-IN-1 Combo for quite some time now, serving different work-purposes, namely gaming, and productivity-based tasks such as typewriting, in addition to regular web surfing. Even then, we have no significant negative remarks with regards to the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 Combination, asides from the worrisome longevity concerns as far as the Gaming Mouse is concerned, along with the mouse’s tracking issues highlighted previously. Even so, GAMDIAS has struck a solid bargain for entry-level/budget-segmented buyers, and as such, the GAMDIAS HERMES E4 3-IN-1 Combo will be a delight to use, especially when you factor in the value-for-money proposition.

Last but not least, we would like to thank GAMDIAS for their provision of the unit in order for us to undertake our detailed testing, reviewing, and overall analyses.

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