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Core i7-12700H Vs Core i7-1255U [Benchmarks]

We discuss the differences between the two processors and test them in software to learn about their performance difference.

Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs brought a new revolution for them with their Hybrid Core architecture. Today, we’re comparing two mobile CPUs using this architecture in the form of Core-i7-12700H vs Core i7-1255U to find the better one.

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Key Takeaways

  • Both CPUs share the Hybrid Core architecture and Intel’s 10nm processing node. 
  • Performance-wise, the Core i7-12700H is 86.5% faster over the Core i7-1255U in multi-core applications. It’s also 7.4% faster in single-core workloads. 
  • The Core i7-12700H laptops vary in price from $699 to $5934 while Core i7-1255U laptops cost between $419 to $2069
  • Lastly, both CPUs serve their purpose well, and their value for money can’t be compared. The Core i7-12700H is excellent for gaming, and the Core i7-1255U is better for lighter workloads.

Comparison Table 

Here’s how the two mobile chips compare.

Mobile CPU Core i7-12700H Core i7-1255U
Architecture Hybrid Core Hybrid Core
Codename Alder Lake Alder Lake
Processing Node Intel 7 (10nm) Intel 7 (10nm)
Socket BGA-1744 BGA-1744
No. of Cores 14 (6P + 8E) 10 (2P + 8E)
No. of Threads 20 (12 + 8) 12 (4 + 8)
Base Clock
  • 2.3GHz (P-cores)
  • 1.7GHz (E-cores)
  • 1.7GHz (P-cores)
  • 1.2GHz (E-cores)
Boost Clock
  • 4.7GHz (P-cores)
  • 3.5GHz (E-cores)
  • 4.7GHz (P-cores)
  • 3.5GHz (E-cores)
L1 Cache 80KB per core  80KB per core 
L2 Cache 1280KB per core 1280KB per core
L3 Cache 24MB 12MB
Memory Support
  • DDR5-4800 MT/s
  • DDR4-3200 MT/s
  • LPDDR5-5200 MT/s
  • LPDDR4x-4267 MT/s
  •  DDR5-4800 MT/s
  • DDR4-3200 MT/s
  •   LPDDR5-5200 MT/s
  •    LPDDR4x-4267 MT/s
Memory Size Up to 64GB Up to 64GB
PCIe Revision 4.0 4.0 
Overclocking Support No No
Integrated Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics  Intel Iris Xe graphics
GPU Base Clock 300MHz 300MHz
GPU Boost Clock 1400MHz 1250MHz
Shaders 768 768
TMUs 48 48
ROPs 24 24
Execution Units  96 96
iGPU Theoretical 
1.69 TFLOPs 1.69 TFLOPs
Total Graphics Power 15W 15W
CPU Max Operating Temperature  100°C  100°C
CPU Base Power 35-45W (configurable) 12-15W
CPU Boost Power 115W 55W
Price Range (July 2023) $699 to $5934 $419 to $2068
Launch Date Jan 4, 2022 Feb 23, 2022

Core i7-12700H vs Core i7-1255U

The two CPUs have numerous similarities, including L1 and L2 cache per core counts, boost frequencies, memory support, and the TjMax. Additionally, both use the same iGPU, but the Core i7-12700H’s iGPU boasts a higher boost clock speed.

Architectural Differences

Let’s take a look at the architectural differences. 

  1. Core/Thread Counts: The Core i7-12700H houses 14 cores in total, with 6 being P-cores and 8 being E-cores. In contrast, the power-efficient Core i7-1255U has 2 P-cores and 8-E cores for a total of 10. As for thread counts, the Core i7-12700H has 20 threads, and the Core i7-1255U has 12
  2. Clock SpeedsThe Core i7-12700H has greater base clock speeds for both P-cores (2.3GHz) and E-cores (1.7GHz). In comparison, the Core i7-1255U has a base frequency of 1.7GHz for the P-cores and 1.2GHz for the E-cores.
  3. Cache: The Core i7-12700H has 24MB of L3 cache while the Core i7-1255U halves that at 12MB. Also, the Core i7-12700H has more total L1 and L2 cache counts due to its higher number of cores.
  4. TDPLastly, the high-performance Core i7-12700H is much more power-consuming than the efficient Core i7-1255U. The Core i7-12700H has a base TDP configurable between 35 and 45 watts compared to only 12-15 watts of the Core i7-1255U. As for boost TDP, the Core i7-12700H can draw up to a massive 115 watts compared to 55 watts.

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Performance: Core i7-12700H Vs Core i7-1255U

Now, how do the two CPUs perform, exactly? To find out, we’ll compare their multi-core and single-core scores across three different applications. 

Cinebench R23

Cinebench R23 multi-core and single-core
Cinebench R23 (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  • Starting with Cinebench R23, the Core i7-12700H racked up 16317 multi-core points. In contrast, the Core i7-1255U managed 8348 points
  • Moving on to the single-core results, the Core i7-12700H scored 1802 points, and the Core i7-1255U is not far behind with 1665 points.

Geekbench 5

Geekbench 5 multi-core and single-core
Geekbench 5 (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  • The Core i7-12700H continues to dominate in Geekbench 5 with 12289 points in the multi-core test. In reply, the Core i7-1255U managed 7417 points.
  • Concerning single-core performance, the Core i7-12700H, again, is just slightly ahead with 1744 points over 1647.


Passmark multi-core and single-core
Passmark (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  • Wrapping things up with Passmark, the Core i7-12700H accumulated 26848 multi-core points. The Core i7-1255U scored 13955 points in response. 
  • As for the single-core test, the Core i7-12700H scored 3667 points, whereas the Core i7-1255U trailed slightly behind with 3401 points

Overall Performance

Here’s what the overall performance looks like across the three applications.

Average multi-core and single-core scores
Overall performance (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  • Multi-core performance: The Core i7-12700H accumulated 18484 points over the three applications. In response, the Core i7-1255U scored 9906 points. Resultantly, the Core i7-12700H is a whopping 86.5% faster than the Core i7-1255U in multi-core performance, on average. 
  • Single-core Performance: The gap between the two CPUs is reduced for single-core scores. The Core i7-12700H averaged 2404 points, while the Core i7-1255U averaged 2237 points. Overall, the Core i7-12700H proved to be about 7.4% better in single-core applications than the Core i7-1255U.

The results are ideal for both CPUs. The Core i7-12700H is a high-end gaming CPU that needs solid multi-core performance, which it delivers according to these tests.

On the other hand, the Core i7-1255U is a power-efficient CPU optimal for lighter workloads like web browsing and the occasional light gaming. For that, it has 8 efficiency cores (as many as the 12700H) and is not far behind the Core i7-12700H in single-core performance. 

Laptop Prices

Next, here’s how much the laptops cost for both CPUs. Note that the Core i7-12700H is a gaming-focused CPU, so the laptops using this chip can be a lot more expensive, depending on what you choose.

Most of the laptops have dedicated graphics cards for gaming. On the other hand, the Core i7-1255U is a power-efficient CPU aimed at lightweight laptops and light workloads. All the Core i7-1255U laptops you’ll find rely on the CPU’s integrated graphics.

The price data has been taken from Amazon US and is applicable as of July 2023

  • Core i7-12700H: The laptops start at $699 (for variants with no dedicated GPUs). However, the best sellers lie in the $1096 to $2399 range, while the most expensive Core i7-12700H laptop comes in at $5934.
  • Core i7-1255U: Entry-level laptops with this CPU start from $419. The most popular options are priced between $619 and $1100. Lastly, the priciest Core i7-1255U laptops can cost up to $2068.

Which CPU Provides Better Value? 

As both CPUs are aimed at different types of laptops and consumers, it’s hard to compare their values directly. They both serve their respective purposes. The Core i7-12700H is more expensive and is great for gaming with its multi-core performance. Contrastingly, the Core i7-1255U is part of Intel’s ultra-lower-power mobile CPU lineup for light laptops and notebooks. For this reason, laptops using this Intel CPU are also much cheaper. 

Which CPU Is Better For You?

This brings an end to my Core i7-12700H vs Core i7-1255U comparison. I’ve compared both CPUs in all the important aspects, including specifications, performance, and prices. As I’ve discussed above, both CPUs are excellent for their respective markets.

You should choose the CPU depending on your purpose. If you’re looking for high-performance and high-end gaming, the Core i7-12700H should be your choice. On the contrary, you should go for the Core i7-1255U if your workloads involve web browsing and light gaming. Furthermore, the Core i7-1255U laptops are good for tasks like graphic designing and running the Microsoft Office suite.

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CPU Pros Cons
Core i7-12700H
  • Better for gaming 
  • Faster multi-core performance
  • Better single-core scores
  • More expensive
  • More power-hungry
Core i7-1255U
  • Good for light workloads and 
    light gaming
  • Laptops are cheap
  • Single-core performance not
    far behind 
  • Not good/meant for
     heavy gaming


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in cache between the Core i7-12700H and Core i7-1255U?

The Core i7-12700H has more overall L1 and L2 cache than the Core i7-1255U due to its higher core count. It also has double the L3 cache at 24MB.

Which CPU has faster clock speeds among Core i7-12700H and Core i7-1255U?

The Core i7-12700H has faster base clock speeds, with 2.3GHz for the P-cores and 1.7GHz for the E-cores. As for boost clock speeds, both CPUs have the same speed at 4.7GHz (P-cores) and 3.5GHz (E-cores).

Which CPU is better among Core i7-12700H and Core i7-1255U?

The answer depends on your needs. If your needs are gaming and high performance, the Core i7-12700H is the CPU for you. Conversely, if you’re looking for a lightweight laptop for light workloads, the Core i7-1255U should be your choice.


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