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sf240r and sf360r review

SF240R and SF360R Review

Cooler Master has sent us for SF240R and SF360R Review which is kinda new design hence we can call it innovation though Antec Prism...
thermaltake view 51 review

Thermaltake View 51 Review

Thermaltake View 51 Review is the next iteration having roots in View series from Thermaltake. Thermaltake has produced a brilliant PC Case with solid...
best motherboard for i7-12700k

The BEST Motherboards for i7-12700K In 2022

We Rank the 7 Best Motherboard For i7-12700k, Based on Budget, Overclocking, Performance, Looks, Value alongside more helpful tips.
Best Low Profile CPU Cooler

Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

We rank the Best Low Profile CPU Coolers in 2022 based on performance, affordability, efficiency, aesthetics, build quality, and reliability.
Best CPU Coolers For Ryzen 7 5800x

Top 6 BEST CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 5800x

A PC is incomplete without a proper CPU cooler. It is one of the integral components of a PC build, helping lower the CPU...
cooler master devastator 3 review

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Review

Cooler Master has sent us for Devastator 3 for the review. The Devastator 3 is a Combo of the keyboard and the mouse. It...
noctua nh l9a am4 review

Noctua NH L9A AM4 Review

Noctua has sent us for Noctua NH L9A AM4 Review. This is a revision of their NH-L9a cooler specifically for the AM4 based CPUs...
orico 3.5 hard drive enclosure review

Orico 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure Review

In our previous contents of the ORICO products, we have been testing their portable 2.5” SATA to USB adapter enclosures. This time around we...
aerocool one eclipse review

Aerocool One Eclipse Review

We are seeing a trend of airflow edition chassis in the market and this is excellent news for the users who would love to...
RTX 2070 Review

RTX 2070 Review

When it comes to enthusiast grades Graphics solution, ZOTAC needs no introduction as they have been in business for some while now and have been producing...
best b660 motherboard

Best B660 Motherboards: DDR4 & DDR5

Out of the other 600 series options, B660 motherboards from Intel are the best option available for consumers after Z690. It falls right in...
XPG Lancer RGB 6000 32GB

XPG Lancer RGB 6000 DDR5 Black Kit Review

Here is a complete review of the XPG Lancer 6000 RGB DDR5 32 GB Black Kit - Featuring RGB, Benchmarks, Testing, and unboxing.