Bloodborne Movie Allegedly In Development By Sony

PlayStation Doing Everything But Remaster/60FPS Update!

Story Highlights
  • Bloodborne has been ignored by PlayStation for many years.
  • A reliable film leaker says Sony is working on a film for this IP.
  • The company may run into issues translating FromSoftware’s cryptic lore and narrative to the big screen.

Bloodborne is easily one of FromSoftware’s best releases. With a captivating setting, fast-paced gameplay that inspired future FromSoftware games, and incredible bosses, this release has everything that fans of the studio seek.

Some have even dubbed it the developer’s best work, but PlayStation is seemingly uninterested in reviving this franchise despite the existing demand. However, this may change soon.

In a surprising turn of events, a leaker has claimed that Sony is now making a film based on Bloodborne.

Why it matters: This adaptation could go very wrong if Sony doesn’t take the utmost care to ensure crucial lore beats are followed accurately.

Bloodborne Movie is happening according to DanielRPK
byu/Severe-Committee6240 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

This information comes from DanielRPK, a reliable leaker who previously revealed plot details about films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

According to his information, the film is being produced by Sony, with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Darren Lemke taking over the roles of producer and writer, respectively.

Writer Darren Lemke has previously worked on films like Gemini Man and Shazam. While this may not inspire a whole lot of confidence, Sony will likely take a lot of care for this adaptation due to its prestige and reputation.

Apart from Bloodborne, Sony has more than 10 TV shows and films for its IPs in development. The company recently found incredible success with The Last of Us, setting new records for gaming adaptation.

Admittedly, we find this decision very odd. Going by PlayStation’s reluctance to do anything with Bloodborne, pursuing a film adaptation is a weird decision, to say the least.

Bloodborne FromSoftware PS4 Sony Ps5

FromSoftware’s games are already quite confusing, making them difficult to convert into a cinematic experience for all types of audiences. Such games require in-depth knowledge of the lore and explanations for players looking to understand every small detail.

Therefore, we fear that some of Bloodborne’s beauty may be lost in this translation.

On a positive note, such an adaptation could encourage PlayStation to eventually remaster or update Bloodborne for a better experience on PS5. Therefore, we are cautiously optimistic about this leak.

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