Batman Arkham Knight Already Has Higher Player Count Than Suicide Squad

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Steam Players Picked Batman Over Suicide Squad!

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  • Batman Arkham Knight has more players than Suicide Squad on Steam.
  • Rocksteady Studios’ latest game has lost most of its players in two weeks.
  • Many still believe the developer’s last game is superior.

Batman Arkham Knight is still remembered fondly by superhero fans despite the game nearing its eighth anniversary. Following this release, Rocksteady Studios just debuted Suicide Squad this month, but this looter shooter has not been a huge hit.

Following review bombs and poor impressions, Batman Arkham Knight saw a surge in player counts on PlayStation. The same is true for the game on Steam, with Suicide Squad’s player counts now lower than that of the Batman Arkham trilogy finale.

Why it matters: Batman Arkham Knight is among the few modern superhero games that have stood the test of time, making it a treat to revisit.

On SteamDB, both games have less than 5,000 players at the time of writing. However, Batman Arkham Knight is in the lead by around 1,000 players.

While Suicide Squad peaked at a higher daily concurrent player count of 5,033, the comparison is surprising because the Batman Arkham series has been on the market for several years, and many have likely played it already.

Batman Arkham Knight also had a rocky start on PC. In 2015, the game launched in an extremely poor state on the platform and was briefly pulled from Steam before returning eventually.

Today, Batman Arkham Knight is in a much better state. It also holds up well in terms of visuals, rivaling Suicide Squad. In a comparison video, Batman Arkham Knight often outshines Rocksteady Studios’ latest release.

Still, it should be noted that both games come with a different art style and aesthetics, making direct comparisons more difficult.

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Suicide Squad peaked at around 7K players in early access. Over a week later, the full game has not been able to pull much of an additional audience, failing to double its numbers since then.

It seems Suicide Squad is quickly losing players. While future discounts might bring back players to the game, a live service title needs thousands of players daily to sustain itself.

At this rate, the looter shooter may not have much of an audience by the time Rocksteady Studios begins rolling out content updates and adding new characters to the game.

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