Batman Arkham Knight

Suicide Squad Launch Sales Down By 33% Compared To Gotham Knights

A new report has revealed that Suicide Squad sales were significantly lower than Gotham Knights in the opening 5 weeks.

Suicide Squad Steam Player Count Now Lower Than Gotham Knights

As Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League continues to lose its players, the game has found itself losing to Gotham Knights on Steam.

Batman Arkham Knight Already Has Higher Player Count Than Suicide Squad

While Suicide Squad has been out for around two weeks, 2015's Batman Arkham Knight has already left the game behind on Steam.

Batman Arkham Knight Player Count Up 50% Following Suicide Squad Launch

Following a poor launch for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Batman Arkham Knight is surging in popularity.

Batman Arkham Knight On Switch Is Rough With Poor Visuals & Performance

While Batman Arkham Knight will soon be available for the Nintendo Switch, initial comparisons are quite discouraging for this port.

Suicide Squad Map Reportedly 2x the Size of Arkham Knight’s Gotham

New leaks about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have emerged online, revealing it comes with a much bigger open world than Batman.

Batman Arkham Knight Steam Update Hints At RTX Remaster

Batman Arkham Knight has received an update on Steam, which added a new private branch to the game, hinting at a potential RTX remaster.

Batman Arkham Knight Was Released On This Day 8 Years Ago

One of the most notable entries in the Batman Arkham series, Batman Arkham Knight, was released on this day 8 years ago.

Gotham Knights Map Will Be Bigger Than Entire Arkham series

An interview with the director and producer of Gotham Knights revealed that the game's map will be bigger than the Arkham series.

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