Suicide Squad Underwhelms; Peaked At 7K Steam Players In Early Access

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Another Live Service Game Dead on Arrival?

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  • Suicide Squad has been in early access for nearly two days.
  • The game has peaked at just 7,152 players on Steam.
  • This peak is much lower than Gotham Knights and Batman Arkham Knight’s highest player counts at launch.

Suicide Squad has already been out for around two days. Players who purchased the $100 deluxe edition have access to the game, with many even completing it in around 9 hours.

On Steam, the game’s early launch has been quite disappointing. Suicide Squad has peaked at just 7K concurrent players on the platform.

Why it matters: PC gaming is more popular than ever. Today, even less popular franchises can reach thousands of players, making these results poor by Rocksteady’s standards.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Steam Concurrent Players
Suicide Squad Steam Concurrent Players via SteamDB

According to SteamDB, Suicide Squad could not hit over 7,152 players in the first two days of early access.

Currently, the game is locked behind a nearly $100 deluxe edition, which may have limited its potential player base. Everyone else can jump into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from 2 February.

While the looter shooter should be able to aim higher once the full release comes around, SteamDB shows player counts are already dropping. At the time of writing, around 3,000 players are active, which is not the strongest start for a brand-new AAA release.

For comparison, Gotham Knights tripled this player count at launch. While widely lambasted, WB Games Montreal’s co-op Batman spin-off boasted around 24K players in October 2022.

This player count is also much lower than the last Rocksteady release. Batman Arkham Knight’s peak concurrent player count hit over 27K at launch despite its terrible state on the platform in 2015.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

One reason for this situation could be the packed release schedule of January. Besides Suicide Squad, the likes of Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth have launched recently. The former has reached nearly 50K concurrent players.

Meanwhile, Palworld continues to attract millions of Steam users. This makes it even harder for the game to shine amid its negative outlook.

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