Suicide Squad Story Can Be Completed In Just 9 Hours

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Shorter Than Arkham Knight Despite 7 Year Development!

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  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League offers approximately 9 hours of main story content.
  • Most of Suicide Squad’s length comes from its replayability.
  • Rocksteady will also expand its story with post-launch content.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is finally in a playable state. After a rocky start to its early access launch, the game’s servers are up and running, but many have already completed it in a single day.

According to Destin Legarie from IGN, the game can be completed in 9-10 hours.

Why it matters: Suicide Squad is priced at $70, like most AAA titles of 2023. To meet the new price, studios typically offer at least 15-20 hours of gameplay, but Rocksteady’s latest release is much shorter.

With Suicide Squad being a live-service title, Rocksteady plans to expand the game with new content over time. The studio states its story is not finished once you beat the game, with more content, like the arrival of Joker, already confirmed.

However, for players who have just bought the game, there isn’t much to keep them busy in the main story. The game’s main length comes from replayability, encouraged through experimentation with the gear and skill customization.

Still, this playtime is not too impressive. Rocksteady’s last release, Batman Arkham Knight, offered around 10-12 hours of main story content. Like the latest title, It also included various side activities, adding more content to the overall package.

Considering this game was priced at $60 and required less development time, Suicide Squad’s offering is certainly a bit disappointing.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Last year, Modern Warfare 3 received criticism for shipping with a 4-hour campaign. Since the public perception of Suicide Squad is already negative, Rocksteady might receive similar criticism.

Suicide Squad launches in just two more days.

The game’s early access period has already been live for over 24 hours, but no reviews are currently in sight. With Warner Bros delaying review codes, most media outlets might not be able to share their opinions before launch day.

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