Burnout IP Revival Teased By Burnout Paradise Remaster Dev

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New AAA Game Based on Unreal Engine 5!

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  • Stellar Entertainment previously worked on the remaster of Burnout Paradise.
  • The studio is working on a new arcade racing game.
  • Multiple teasers from the developer hint that this racing game is a new Burnout title.

The Burnout franchise is among the most well-known in the arcade-racing genre. With an unparalleled sense of speed, the chaos of car combat, and various creative game modes, this IP’s absence is still felt in the industry.

Many fans still long to see Criterion and EA work on a new Burnout game, realizing the IP’s potential with current-gen visuals and AAA production. While Criterion is currently busy with a new Need For Speed game, a revival for Burnout may already be underway.

Why it matters: Arcade racing has been limited to a select few franchises recently. A new Burnout game could add much-needed variety to this genre.

EA Burnout Unreal Engine 5
Source: Stellar Entertainment

Stellar Entertainment has previously worked with EA to remaster Burnout Paradise, the last major AAA release for this series. The same studio was involved in the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster, working alongside Criterion for the project.

The developer’s website teases its next project, stating that the team is looking to expand for a new:

“AAA arcade racing title on Unreal Engine 5.”

On its own, this information does not reveal much. However, when looking at the developer’s latest tweet, it is clear that something bigger is brewing at Stellar Entertainment.

The tweet makes it clear that this is a teaser for Stellar Entertainment’s upcoming project. It’s quite carefully worded and says:

“You’re about to be rear-ended.”

Anybody familiar with the Burnout series will quickly realize this as a potential reference to the franchise. However, even more telling is the use of the word takedown. The tweet further states:

“The bosses still haven’t issued any takedowns.”

The takedown mechanic has been a staple of the Burnout IP for many years. Dating back over a decade, this arcade-racing series has allowed players to use various offensive maneuvers for different takedowns, including traffic takedowns, wall takedowns, and more.

Adding all this information together, Stellar Entertainment seems to be pointing toward a new Burnout game.

With the obvious teasers, an announcement might be much closer than anticipated. This could be a major step forward for arcade racing games, possibly paving the path for the return of franchises like Blur.

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