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Hi, I’m Ali Rashid Khan, your Wiki Editor at Tech4Gamers. With 14+ years in gaming and tech, I specialize in flagship phones and gaming rigs. When not writing, catch me racing virtually or competing in global Scrabble.

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As Tech4Gamers’ Wiki Editor, I dissect gaming products, offering detailed perspectives from Best Motherboards to GPUs. When away from the keyboard, I’m into mechanical keyboards and global Scrabble competitions.

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With 14+ years of gaming and tech passion, my journey at Tech4Gamers blends expertise and exploration. Specializing in flagship phones and gaming tech, I offer a comprehensive understanding.

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Here are my current PC specs:


Ali Rashid Khan

[Wiki Editor] Ali Rashid Khan is an avid gamer, hardware enthusiast, photographer, and devoted litterateur with a period of experience spanning more than 14 years. Sporting a specialization with regards to the latest tech in flagship phones, gaming laptops, and top-of-the-line PCs, Ali is known for consistently presenting the most detailed objective perspective on all types of gaming products, ranging from the Best Motherboards, CPU Coolers, RAM kits, GPUs, and PSUs amongst numerous other peripherals. When he’s not busy writing, you’ll find Ali meddling with mechanical keyboards, indulging in vehicular racing, or professionally competing worldwide with fellow mind-sport athletes in Scrabble at an international level. Currently speaking, Ali has completed his A-Level GCEs with plans to go into either Allopathic Medicine or Business Studies, or who knows, perhaps a full-time dedicated technological journalist.
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