Gaming peripherals include gaming mouse, keyboards, and headsets. XPG is committed to bringing excellence in their products with reliability, durability, and performance in focus. Their designs have won several IF Design and GOOD Design awards. We also have done XPG Gammix S50 Lite Review and XPG Spectrix D50 Review as well.

XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse Review

I take a look at the XPG PRIMER Review. It is the premium gaming mouse from XPG featuring ARGB lighting using a PMW3360 optical sensor and Omron mechanical switches. The double-shot PBT surface has a textured grip. The salient features include:

  • Durable Double-Shot Surface with PBT
  • Balanced Weight – 98g ± 5%
  • Textured Side Grips for Long-Session Comfort
  • Ultra-Light Braided Cable
  • Selectable RGB Lighting Effects
  • 12000 DPI PMW3360 Optical Sensor
  • Omron Mechanical Switches with 20-Million Clicks Durability
  • Tactile Scroll Wheel for Greater Control
  • Item:                     PRIMER
  • Manufacturer:       XPG
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PRIMER Specifications

PRIMER Specifications

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PBT Mouse Packaging and Unboxing

The gaming mouse is shipped inside a cardboard box in red color.

PBT Mouse Packaging and Unboxing

There is a picture of the gaming mouse in RGB illumination. Salient features of RGB lighting and 12000 DPI optical sensor are mentioned.

PBT Mouse Packaging

The side frame has a grip texture.

PBT Mouse Packaging XPG

XPG Primer Review features:

  • 12000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Selectable RGB Lighting
  • Double-Shot Surface with PBT
  • Omron Switches

PBT Mouse Packaging Side

The same features are repeated here.

PBT Mouse Unboxing

The top cover is like a lid. Lifting it will showcase the gaming mouse. This is an effective presentation that is now common these days. The features highlight are printed on the left cover while we can take a peek at the mouse itself in the shell on the right.

Primer Software Contents

Primer Software Contents

Following are included:

  • 1x Gaming Mouse
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x XPG Sticker
  • 1x Warranty Guide

Primer Closer Look

It is time to take a look at the gaming mouse. Before that here is what XPG is saying about their mouse, “Introducing the XPG PRIMER gaming mouse. Whether you’re a veteran that likes a simple mouse with attitude or a novice looking to up your gaming prowess, the XPG PRIMER REVIEW is for you.

Sporting Omron switches with a 20-million-clicks rating, an optical sensor with up to 12000 DPI, and a plethora of design touches for comfort, accuracy, durability, and flair, the XPG PRIMER REVIEW is ready to up your game!”

Primer Closer Look

The XPG PRIMER is a gaming mouse having a dimension of 126×65.6×37.9mm. The weight of the mouse is 98g ± 5%. The mouse has a rating of 50G maximum acceleration with a polling rate of 250/500/1000Hz.

Primer Closer Look XPG

The XPG PRIMER Gaming Mouse has a nice rounded design with a low lift-off distance from its center. Looking at the mouse from its top side, we can see a little curvature design to the mouse. There is an XPG logo on the rear side. We have a black color shell.

We can spot a diffuser running on the line between the top shell and the right frame. The surface is made of double-shot PBT in matte black for a smooth yet non-slippery surface that stays clean and won’t wear down or fade after prolonged use.

Primer Closer Look Mouse

The rear end of the XPG Primer has a sharp slope. The mouse seems to be optimized for right-handed design. We have a plain surface all around on the main shell.

XPG Gaming Mouse

The front portion of the gaming mouse does not have a steep slope which is a nice touch. The scroll wheel has a textured grip on it. There is a diffuser on the inner side of the wheel. There is a DPI switch button behind the scroll wheel. Pressing it once will load the next DPI level and RGB lighting will change as well to give a visual aid to the user indicating that the DPI has changed. Here is DPI and corresponding lighting data:

DPI Level Light Indicator (Blink)
400 Indigo
800 (default) Red
1600 Green
3200 Yellow
6400 Purple
12000 Blue


The DPI button will flicker 3 times in a different color indicating that the DPI level is changed.

There is an RGB button behind the DPI button. It has 4 presets which are as follow:

  • Color Wave (Default)
  • Breathing
  • Static
  • Off

The Static colors in that sequence are:-

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Purple
  • White

The scroll wheel has a dotted textured surface for easy grip on the wheel. There is a translucent diffuser inside the wheel which glows as well for some good aura effect. There is an XPG brand logo and name printed on the left side here.

The left and right buttons are using Omron mechanical switches rated at 20M clicks. The buttons are loud in action with a hollow sound.

XPG Gaming Mouse Red

Looking at the front side of the gaming mouse we can see that the USB cable is coming out from the center. There is a diffuser on the inner side of the top shell. A braided USB cable is coming out from the middle. The bottom frame of the mouse is in red color. The diffuser is also running on both sides.

XPG Gaming Mouse both side

Taking a look at the mouse from its left side, we can see two buttons are provided more towards the rear on the top side. Somehow, I did not find it convenient to access the buttons using my thumb. These buttons are back and forward. Take a note of the running of the diffuser between the top and side frames.

The overall design is solid and there is a minimal gap between the top side and the left side in the center. The complete bottom portion has a textured surface for a nice grip when using the mouse. There is an inset design that starts on the front and trails towards the rear.

This is ergonomic design at its best as it allows the user to rest the thumb comfortably for a longer period of time. The red line of the bottom frame is adding a touch though I would have preferred a black color tone.

XPG Gaming Mouse Front look

The right side of the mouse has a different outlook as compared to the left side. The inset is not that apparent here. There is a plain surface on the top side as there are no buttons here. Rest we have the same textured surface here as well. The gap on the rear in the frame becomes more apparent.

XPG Gaming Mouse Back side

The above picture is showing a cross-section layout. The red color on the bottom frame is now shown fully.

XPG Gaming Mouse bottom

Looking at the bottom side of the gaming mouse, we can spot four glider pads for smooth movement on the surface. The XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse is using the PixArt PMW3360 sensor for better and accurate tracking. The eyelid is in the center hosting the sensor on the inner side. It is in a narrow oval shape. Three screws can be seen on the bottom. Normally, the screws are hidden under the glider pads.

The power rating of the mouse and the serial number are printed on the sticker. The mouse is manufactured in 07/2020 and made in China. It is using 5V. The XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse has a 180cm length USB cable and it supports USB 2.0. The mouse features an ultra-light and elastic braided cable that’s durable, soft, and thin for smoother control. There is no XPG branding on the USB connector.

No software is needed to program the buttons of the XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse.

RGB Mouse Lighting

The RGB lighting is minimalistic on the XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse. The Scroll Wheel and diffuser lining on the sides glow. The lighting is sublime. Here are some pictures:



The XPG PRIMER is an RGB gaming mouse which in my opinion is optimized for FPS gaming. The mouse has a weight of 98g ± 5%. The mouse is using the PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor and a maximum DPI level of 12000. The mouse is rated for 20M clicks with 50g acceleration using Omron Mechanical switches. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000Hz max.

The scroll wheel of the gaming mouse has a textured rubber for a firm grip. The buttons are not hard to press but are very loud. I have been using XPG PRIMER mouse on XPG Battleground XL PRIME RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. The tracking of the mouse is fine as tested in FPS games though nothing extraordinary. There is no software for XPG PRIMER.

The surface of the XPG PRIMER is made of double-shot PBT material and has a matte finish in the black color. The design of the mouse makes it well suited for the right-hand operation and given the low hump design in the center and on the center, I found the mouse not comfortable for the PALM grip but claw grip is an easy go with XPG PRIMER mouse.

The RGB lighting is subtle to my taste and is not overly done. The user can change the lighting and the DPI settings using the top buttons on-the-go. I like the execution as this is lacking on many high-end offerings as the DPI switch on many offers is located on the bottom of the mouse which is definitely not convenient but with XPG PRIMER, we don’t have such issues.

I have used XPG Primer mouse at 6400 DPI level and the gaming experience was quite good. I have tested the mouse playing Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt, and Command and Conquer Generals. The mouse was responding well to the situation and was responding well to the DPI changing as well. Overall, I have had a pleasant if not overly exciting experience with XPG PRIMER Review.

Even, regular desktop use is a comfortable experience. The PMW3360 will get the job done easily though I was expecting PMW3389 as the budget friendly offer from Drevo Falcon FM89 has a powerful sensor and costing only $39.

I am thankful to XPG for giving me the opportunity to review their PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse.

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xpg-primer-rgb-gaming-mouse-reviewThe XPG PRIMER RGB Gaming Mouse bears an ergonomic design with subtle basic RGB lighting featuring PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor with Omron switches. It comes recommended by us.