Xbox Game Studios Head Hints At Showcase For Early 2024

Next Xbox Event Coming Sooner Than Expected!

Xbox recently hosted a strong showcase with a Starfield Direct earlier this month. Fans loved the event, and it also featured information about upcoming Xbox games like Starfield, Avowed, and Fable.

While Microsoft showed plenty of first-party games, a few already-announced titles were not at the showcase. This raised concerns, but Matt Booty from Xbox has recently hinted at another Xbox Showcase for early 2024.

Therefore, fans could see these games very soon.

Why it matters: Games like Perfect Dark have already been announced, and studios like The Coalition are reportedly working on Gears 6. As such, fans have been looking to learn more about these games.

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When asked about Microsoft’s games that were not featured at the showcase, Matt Booty said:

“Remember we’ve got Gamescom, we’ve got likely maybe another event earlier in the year.”

This means that Microsoft may be planning to include their first-party games at big events like The Game Awards. Previously, Perfect Dark was revealed at The Game Awards 2020. Still, the Xbox Game Studios head also hinted at another Xbox event for early 2024.

Previously, Matt Booty claimed gameplay for Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 would be revealed by 2024. A new Xbox Showcase would provide a great opportunity for such reveals.

The gaming giant is also targeting 4-big first-party game releases each year. With games like Hellblade 2 and Avowed coming in 2024, an early showcase could allow fans to learn more about these titles sooner than expected.

Gears 6 has also been rumored to be in development and is reportedly shaping up to be an impressive title. Additionally, MachineGames is working on Indiana Jones, leading to plenty of content for an upcoming showcase.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced its first Xbox Developer Direct. This Direct featured various games and revealed Hi-Fi Rush for the first time. Following Matt Booty’s statement, Microsoft may be gearing up for something similar in 2024.

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