Ghostwire: Tokyo Has Reached Over 5 Million Players

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1 Million More Players In Less Than 2 Months!

Ghostwire: Tokyo has recently made its way onto Xbox consoles. The game has also joined Xbox Game Pass, leading to millions of new players for Tango Gameworks’ recent release. Following its release on Xbox, Ghostwire: Tokyo has reached over 5 million players.

Why it matters: Tango Gameworks is known for its horror games, and Ghostwire: Tokyo had a lot of anticipation behind the project. With developers like Shinji Mikami leading the project, fans were looking forward to the horror game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was released in March 2022, being exclusive to PlayStation for a year.

In April 2023, the game was released on Xbox, and less than a month later, over 4 million players enjoyed the title. This was likely due to the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass, allowing players to try Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The latest report means that Tango Gameworks has reached an additional million players in less than two months. This is an impressive figure for a game released in 2022, possibly hinting at a massive Game Pass success.

It should be noted that Ghostwire: Tokyo is also available on PlayStation Plus Extra. As such, both subscription services have helped bring millions of new players.

The developers have thanked the 5 million players for playing the game, and a special artwork has also been released to celebrate the occasion.

Upon release, Ghostwire: Tokyo received mostly positive reviews, but it was criticized for repetitive gameplay. Despite its problems, the game is worth trying, and its availability on subscription services makes it a very appealing title for Xbox and PlayStation fans.

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