Bayonetta Director Calls Xbox Series S|X Naming Scheme Idiotic

Hideki Kamiya Finds Xbox Series S|X Confusing!

Microsoft has always followed a non-conventional naming scheme for its consoles. Following the Xbox One and the Xbox One X, the gaming giant released the Xbox Series S|X in 2020.

While this did not matter much to most people, a few had already raised concerns about the confusing names of the consoles for casual fans. Recently, Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games also offered his take on the Xbox naming scheme.

The developer appears to have added an Xbox Series X to his collection but did not have kind words for the console’s name, claiming the Xbox Series S|X console branding is idiotic.

Hideki Kamiya is a veteran developer, currently serving as the Vice President of Platinum Games. He has made a name for himself as a pioneer of the action games genre, best known for his work as the Director of Bayonetta.

Despite the popularity of his works, Hideki Kamiya has proven to be a controversial figure due to his straightforward opinions and thoughts on various subjects, and he continues this trend with his latest tweet.

Upon receiving the console, he was confused between the names of the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X.

The developer took to Twitter, asking about the difference between these platforms.

Following several responses from Twitter users, he was able to understand that the Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s current-generation console, which offers much better hardware than the Xbox One X. However, he later went on to say:

“The guy thinking about the name of the Xbox Series is an idiot.”

While Hideki Kamiya is known for controversial opinions, he is not the first person to point out Microsoft’s odd naming scheme.

In 2020, many had already drawn similarities between the names of consoles like the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and the Xbox Series S|X. This was expected to confuse casual gamers and parents looking for gifts during holidays.

Surprisingly, an industry veteran like Hideki Kamiya has also been caught off guard by Microsoft’s unconventional naming scheme.

In the past, Hideki Kamiya partnered with Xbox for Scalebound, the ambitious title from Platinum Games, which never saw the light of day. Last year, the Director expressed interest in resurrecting the IP, and a popular leaker claimed that plans were underway to revive Scalebound earlier this year.

Nonetheless, the Xbox Series S|X consoles have done well on the market despite the unusual naming scheme. Microsoft’s latest sales report confirmed that it has sold over 21 million consoles since 2020.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash is currently pursuing a Business degree in Australia. For more than three years, he has been working as a gaming journalist, utilizing his writing skills and love for gaming to report on the latest updates in the industry. Avinash loves to play action games like Devil May Cry and has also been mentioned on highly regarded websites, such as IGN, GamesRadar, GameRant, Dualshockers, CBR, and Gamespot.

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