Xbox Aims To Bring First-Party Games To All Platforms, Including PlayStation

Wants To Bring Games To Every Screen!

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  • Xbox previously revealed that it doesn’t like first-party exclusivity but was forced to follow the trend. 
  • The gaming giant is now aiming to release its first-party titles on all platforms, including PlayStation and Nintendo.
  • Games from Activision Blizzard will be a major part of this ambition.

Xbox is one of the gaming giants that contribute to the industry through first and third-party games. Following a series of first-party releases this year, Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with its gaming ambitions.

The company is expected to make new announcements at The Game Awards, with Xbox previously claiming that Starfield is just the beginning for its first-party library.

As part of its ambition, Xbox hopes to reach a broader audience in the future. This goal is encouraging Microsoft to bring its games to everyone, including PlayStation and Nintendo users.

Why it matters: Previously, Xbox revealed that it doesn’t like releasing first-party games as exclusives. The giant claims to have been forced to do so because of its direct competitor, PlayStation.

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Tim Stuart, the CFO of Xbox, explained that Microsoft wants to bring first-party content to all screens. During a live conference, he explained that the following devices would be included in Xbox’s goals:

“That means smart TVs and mobile devices. That means what we would have thought as competitors in the past, like PlayStation and Nintendo.”

Xbox has recently completed its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Following this business decision, Microsoft is projected to surpass PlayStation’s gaming revenue next year.

However, a crucial part of this revenue will come from platforms like PlayStation. With franchises like Call of Duty being part of the first-party lineup, Xbox will directly distribute games to its rivals.

This year’s Modern Warfare 3 has been criticized as a poor offering, but it was recently seen as the best-selling title on PlayStation. Therefore, Microsoft realizes this advantage and hopes to use it for greater influence.

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Additionally, Tim Stuart mentioned that this franchise will enable Microsoft to secure high-margin sales on PlayStation and Nintendo. The company is also expanding its subscription services, first-party games, and advertising.

It seems Microsoft is prepared to take its gaming business to the next level. This could lead to unexpected moves in the future, potentially encouraging the company to bring more of its services to rival platforms.

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