Modern Warfare 3 Still The Best-Selling Title On PlayStation and Xbox

Nearly Two Weeks After Its Release!

Story Highlights
  • Released on 9 November, Modern Warfare 3 is nearly two weeks old.
  • As expected from a Call of Duty title, it is selling extremely well, retaining the top spot on Xbox and PlayStation’s best-sellers lists after nearly two weeks.
  • The game has been criticized for its short campaign and overall quality.

While the expectations were high for Modern Warfare 3 after last year’s Call of Duty release, the game failed to impress because of its short and poor campaign.

Despite all the criticism, it was the best-selling game on nearly all platforms before its release. Activision has also confirmed various new records for the game, confirming that it became the most engaging title in the franchise.

Nearly two weeks later, Modern Warfare 3 is still the best-selling title on PlayStation and Xbox.

Why it matters: This success illustrates that Call of Duty is destined for success. Even with a poor yearly release, the game is outshining the competition on multiple platforms.

As noted by Charlie Intel on Twitter, Modern Warfare 3 is leading the charts on both PlayStation and Xbox.

This is an impressive result since the game’s initial launch excitement is beginning to die down. Still, it continues to dominate sales charts, even with competitors like Spider-Man 2, Fortnite, and more.

With Black Friday right around the corner, many games are also on sale right now. These sales include all types of major titles, but the Call of Duty appeal has ensured Modern Warfare 3 is able to stay ahead.

Modern Warfare 3

However, the game isn’t doing as well on Steam. With the Autumn sale in progress, Modern Warfare 3 has just managed to stay within the top 10. While this entry is reportedly Call of Duty’s most rushed release to date, Activision is likely to be happy with the results so far.

Modern Warfare 3 may not be the best Call of Duty game ever, but that hardly matters when many are keen to buy it anyway.

The blend of nostalgia and brand recognition is carrying the game to the success typical of this franchise. However, we will admit the first-person shooter is quite fun to play, so we don’t blame everyone buying it on PlayStation and Xbox.

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