Stellar Blade Faces High Input Lag; Devs Suggest Using TV Game Mode

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Stellar Blade Players Report High Input Delay!

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  • Stellar Blade players have reported a case of heavy input lag with the demo. 
  • The developers recommend enabling the dedicated gaming mode on your TV to avoid the issue.
  • The demo presents the studio with an opportunity to learn from the feedback and fix any supposed issues.

The Stellar Blade demo launched to a stellar reception from the audience. From brilliant graphics to great combat and beautiful character designs, the game seems destined for greatness.

However, it also suffers from major input lag issues. 

Why it matters: Stellar Blade combines Souls-like and action-game genres. Both rely on fast-paced gameplay where precise inputs and reaction times matter a lot. Therefore, input lag could ruin the experience in this case.

YouTube video

Reports started emerging on Twitter, claiming that Eve’s movement seemed somewhat sluggish. Now, even the developers have admitted that this is happening due to heavy input lag.

A Youtuber performed an input lag test to measure the actual delay. According to the results, the game has a delay of 230ms, which, for 60 FPS gaming, is considerably high and indicates this is indeed an issue.

The full game is due in less than a month, which will give the developers a bit of time to fix the problem. However, they don’t seem to be too bothered and have recommended enabling the dedicated gaming mode on TV to fix the issue.

In their defense, TVs normally do have a bit of input lag, as they aren’t specifically made for gaming. However, not all TVs have dedicated game modes, and the input lag is quite noticeable, which proves that there is room for improvement.

Some users have stated that the game is working perfectly fine for them, even with HDR and visual mode, while others are facing input lag.

Still, developer SHIFT UP should address these problems before release. Most people would not mind a small delay if it helps address the issue, but the game is all set to launch this month, so a delay appears unlikely.

It seems players will have to hope for a day-one patch that addresses the input lag.

Stellar Blade seemingly has a great recipe on its hand as it climbed up Sony’s pre-order charts. Hopefully, the game can iron out these issues. Players expect a premium experience for full-priced games, and developers should strive to deliver just that.

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