The Witcher 4 Expected To Eclipse Cyberpunk 2077 In Scope

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The Witcher 4 Is CDPR's 'Most Developed Game'

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  • The Witcher 4 will be CDPR’s biggest project.
  • Around 400 developers are currently working on the RPG.
  • The game could arrive after new consoles launch, giving it more powerful hardware to work with.
  • CDPR has the opportunity to revamp weaknesses like The Witcher 3’s combat system.

CDPR is known for making massive games. The studio’s rise to fame began after 2015’s The Witcher 3, and we saw more of it after Cyberpunk 2077. With game budgets increasing to humongous sizes, scope is something that has become a huge focus.

While Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 were already massive, CDPR is expected to top everything with The Witcher 4, currently known as Project Polaris. With the title entering its production phase soon, CDPR is targeting another ground-breaking RPG

Why it matters: The previous heavy-hitters from CDPR have had it all: an interesting main story, engaging side missions, interactive NPCs, and great exploration. This makes me confident The Witcher 4 will top everything from the past.

The Witcher 4 is CDPR’s ‘Most Developed Game’

CDPR announced that they’ve got two-thirds of their team, consisting of 400 developers, working on The Witcher 4. In addition, they’ve also stated it’s their ‘most developed project yet,’ hinting that the scope is undoubtedly going to be on a new level. 

Witcher 3 Combat
Combat Needs To Improve In The Witcher 4

This ambition will extend to every part of The Witcher 4.

I expect the studio to overhaul this franchise completely, including aspects like the combat. For all its positives, The Witcher 3 can fall short when it comes to its combat mechanics since they feel a bit dated.

With The Witcher 4, CDPR has the opportunity to revamp the combat systems. Perhaps a more action-focused gameplay would make fights more engaging. Alternatively, the team could consider going the Souls-like route.

How Will The Witcher 4 Expand on Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 has a rich and expansive universe that might not be very easy to surpass.

In my opinion, the obvious way to eclipse this rich universe is to pull from all parts of the larger Witcher mythos. With a TV show, books, and various spin-offs, this series has plenty of room for expansion.

CDPR should look toward those elements and offer a deeper look into all parts of The Witcher. This fourth mainline title is also expected to divulge into the unknown and explore a new main character.

Witcher 4
The Witcher 4 Promotional Art Teases New Possibilities

The promotional art gave us a look at a medallion in snow, which was later confirmed to be the School of Lynx. This means either Ciri or another new character will take up the reigns of the protagonist, maybe pushing Geralt into Vesemir’s role.

With the power of Unreal Engine 5, a new protagonist, and a massive development team, The Witcher 4 has the potential to be the ultimate RPG.

CDPR is even exploring potential uses of AI, hoping to make development more efficient without sacrificing the core values of its projects. With all of these coming together, The Witcher 4 will leave past CDPR games in the dust.

However, one caveat is the release date. Such an ambitious title will not arrive anytime soon. We might even have to wait till the PS6 and next Xbox consoles before CDPR is ready to release the RPG.

Still, this wait will be worth it since newer consoles could unlock further possibilities for this ambitious project, making it the next big breakthrough for the gaming industry.

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