Steam Deck 2 Will Not Offer Significant Performance Improvements

No Significant Performance Improvements For Steam Deck 2!

Valve’s Steam Deck has disrupted the PC gaming market in unthinkable ways. The console’s portability and impressive performance have allowed Valve to appeal to all kinds of gaming fans. 

While the Steam Deck is already appealing, there is much room for improvement. A recent interview from The Verge revealed some insight into Valve’s plan for the next installment of the portable console. 

Steam Deck Valve

Speaking to The Verge, Pierre-Loup Griffais from Valve addressed curious consumers looking forward to a hardware revision for the Steam Deck. He stated,

“The fact that we have one target for users to understand what kind of performance to expect, there’s a lot of value in having that one spec.”

“I think we Will opt to keep the one performance level For a Little bit longer”

This means that fans should not expect to see a powerful, more capable Steam Deck anytime soon. The console has proven adequate for even more demanding titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered with the right tweaks to visual settings, so Valve’s decision is not too surprising. 

Despite its small form factor and limited power draw, the Steam Deck can also handle more demanding tasks like Xbox 360 emulation. The handheld will also include support for next-gen console exclusives like Returnal in the future.

But a hardware revision is not entirely impossible. Griffais stated that the company would change the Steam Deck performance level when there is a considerable margin for improvement.

Furthermore, Valve has clarified that the company will focus on improving the screen and battery life for the next Steam Deck. Nintendo has followed a similar trend with the Nintendo Switch, with the latest iteration of the handheld including a much better OLED display. 

However, there is a lot more planned for the Steam Deck. Valve is also working on anti-cheat support to allow Steam Deck compatibility with games like Halo MCC and Fall guys. 

The portable console already supports more than 50% of Steam’s top 100 games, and fans can expect even more support for new and old games in the coming months due to Valve’s ongoing anti-cheat efforts. 

Steam Deck

While fans might be disappointed at the missed opportunity for a more powerful Steam Deck, Valve is committed to improving the experience for existing and future Steam Deck owners. The company has given a small taste of its plans for the future of the console, and it looks extremely promising. 

Do you have a Steam Deck? Will you buy the next one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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