Starfield Ranked Among Steam’s 12 Best-Selling Games of 2023

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Big Win For Starfield Despite Game Pass Inclusion!

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  • Starfield was a highly anticipated release in 2023, but the game’s perception has been quite negative for multiple reasons.
  • The title was an undeniable success for Bethesda and Xbox.
  • According to Steam, it was one of the best-selling titles on the platform this year.

Starfield has received a lot of criticism recently. A journey that began with impressive reviews has been marred by negativity recently, with recent Steam reviews reflecting this gradual shift in perception.

Despite such criticism, Xbox seems to have a win on its hands with Starfield. For all its downsides, the game is firmly placed among Steam’s best-selling titles of the year.

Why it matters: This result highlights the disconnect between general reception and online discourse. While many appear to be disliking Bethesda’s latest title, sales indicate that the release was far from a disappointment.

Steam has revealed its top picks of the year as we approach 2024. When classifying various games by gross revenue, Starfield can be found among the biggest games in the Platinum category.

This category is limited to 12 games, featuring the likes of Modern Warfare 3, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Hogwarts Legacy. For Bethesda’s latest title to make its way on this list is no small feat.

While games like Apex Legends made it to the list through microtransaction sales, Bethesda is yet to implement any major in-game purchases for its latest release. Therefore, we can assume the bulk of its revenue came from sales.

Unfortunately, the categories themselves are not arranged by revenue or sales, so we can’t judge Starfield’s position among the list. Still, the fact that this RPG is on Game Pass and continues to impress on Steam is commendable in itself.

In October, a report claimed Bethesda found the most success on PC. According to estimates, the title sold at least 1 million units on Steam in early access, solidifying its position among the top 12 titles.

Meanwhile, the total number of Starfield players also exceeded 13 million recently.


Starfield might not be the most groundbreaking RPG of 2023, but these figures show that it is far from a poor release.

For those willing to handle a slow beginning and a few outdated design elements, this space RPG can provide quite the experience, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent figures and Steam’s latest report.

Starfield will only get better from here. Bethesda recently noted many of the criticisms highlighted in the months following the launch, assuring fans that new updates would be rolled out on a consistent basis.

Through these updates and the goal to support the RPG for many years, the developer is motivated to improve the game in the months to come.

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