CD Projekt RED Reiterates Lack of Interest In Being Acquired

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The Witcher Dev Wants To Stay Independent!

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  • CD Projekt RED has been quite successful since its last two games have been major hits.
  • Following this success, the studio has been a compelling target for gaming giants contemplating a new acquisition.
  • However, CD Projekt RED elaborated that the team is not interested in any major merger.

CD Projekt RED has become an iconic studio among fans of Western RPGs. After setting a new bar for open-world RPGs in The Witcher 3 and selling over 25 million units of Cyberpunk 2077, the developer has positioned itself among the greats of the AAA industry.

This recognition has also made the developer a potential target for companies like PlayStation and Xbox as they look to expand through acquisitions. However, the team has clarified that it does not intend to merge with any companies.

Why it matters: With PlayStation and Xbox showing a willingness to acquire large developers for millions of dollars, fans are often quick to speculate about potential targets like CD Projekt RED.

During a recent interview, the CD Projekt RED CEO reiterated that the studio plans to stay independent. He highlighted the studio’s struggles to reach its current position while also outlining aims to grow more in the coming years. The CEO said:

“We are not interested in being incorporated into some larger entity.”

In the past, rumors claimed that Sony was hoping to acquire the Polish studio as an answer to Microsoft’s massive merger with Activision Blizzard. However, developers from CD Projekt RED were quick to refute these claims.

The latest interview confirms that CEO Adam Kicinski has not changed his mind. At present, the Polish team employs hundreds of developers, boasting a world-class team with expertise in stories, tech, and RPG gameplay.

In addition to the subject of acquisitions, the CEO addressed the upcoming Witcher project. Earlier, the developer confirmed that nearly half of the team was working on The Witcher 4, with the studio hoping to move around 400 developers to the project by 2024.

According to the interview, this goal is still intact, suggesting the project is proceeding smoothly.

Cyberpunk 2077

Like CD Projekt RED, Capcom recently denied rumors of being acquired. Both studios seem to have a similar ideology, staying open to partnerships while focusing on independent growth.

Following recent results, CD Projekt RED is more ambitious with its future projects. The studio hopes for Witcher 4 to break RPG boundaries while aiming for grander branching narratives in the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel.

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