Modders Claim Starfield Modding Is Broken Compared To Past Games

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Starfield Mods Were An Afterthought!

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  • Modding has always been a strong suit of past Bethesda games.
  • A group of modders claim that Starfield modding is broken.
  • This system may hold back future mods for the game.

Starfield has been the biggest launch by Bethesda to date, and it was quite a treat to know that the game would come with the least bugs of any prior RPG from the studio. However, it seems like this quality required a few compromises.

A group of modders working on a project known as the Starfield Community Patch or SCP has taken it upon themselves to fix any glaring issues or bugs in the game. However, in an interview with Eurogamer, they describe that the game’s modding is broken.

Why it matters: Modding has always been a massive part of Bethesda games, but it appears the studio did not pay much attention to mods, likely due to a focus on other areas.


One of the founders of SCP, Timothy Halgari Baldrige, stated:

“A lot of stuff is really broken compared to the other games.”

The team has made the decision to address any bugs or problems that prevent players from enjoying Starfield. Their only goal is to continuously improve the game. However, it seems Bethesda’s design is preventing the team from this goal.

Halgari added that the team was only able to make rapid progress so easily because:

” we know what to do.”

The modder explains that Starfield’s modding support is an afterthought for Bethesda. He also claimed that until official tools for the game are released, the modding community for the game won’t take off.

The team claims that Bethesda is easily capable of addressing over 400 issues backlogged for SCP, but their support and communication leave a lot to be desired, creating hurdles for these dedicated individuals.

Interestingly, various mods have already been released for the game. Such mods have added DLSS 3, a visual overhaul, and seamless space travel. Therefore, while the game is already cultivating a strong community, this may not last much longer if the team’s words are anything to go by.


On a more positive note, Bethesda is working on official mod support, so this criticism will be eventually addressed. Todd Howard has stated that mod support is arriving next year, along with additional content for the RPG.

Fortunately for Starfield, these drawbacks haven’t stopped the game from reaching new heights. Still averaging around 50K players on Steam, a healthy community has already been established around the RPG.

With Todd Howard’s intentions to support the game for a long time, future updates should enable more accessible mods and tuning for the community.

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