Xbox Reportedly Testing Potential of PS5 Releases With Sea of Thieves

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More Games Will Follow if It Succeeds!

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  • Xbox is bringing a few of its first-party exclusives on PlayStation 5.
  • Sea of Thieves is already showing potential in terms of pre-orders ahead of launch.
  • It is reported that the game is meant to test the potential of Xbox games on PS5.

Microsoft officially has plans to go third party following the goal of making every screen an Xbox. Such statements have been followed by confirmations of the first four first-party titles heading over to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Sea of Thieves, one of the most popular Xbox IPs, has been available on the PlayStation store for a while now. Quite surprisingly, the game is showing potential, reaching the top of PlayStation’s pre-order charts.

According to reports, this release is meant to be a test for Xbox’s multiplatform strategy.

Why it matters: Xbox currently has no plans to bring its biggest games to other platforms. However, its strategy is rapidly evolving, so nothing is completely set in stone yet.

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Sea of Thieves Stayed As The Top Pre-ordered Game On The PlayStation Store

Tom Warren of The Verge has claimed that sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have told him more about Xbox’s plans.

He states that the game’s performance will determine whether Microsoft continues to port other games to rival hardware. This seems like a wise move since Xbox will be able to gauge demand for its games through one of its biggest live service projects.

Currently, Sea of Thieves has shown a lot of promise on PlayStation. Even with the incoming release of Stellar Blade, the game has managed to stay within the top positions in the list of most pre-ordered titles.

Therefore, it seems Microsoft embracing this approach is inevitable, though this would leave its blockbuster releases in a difficult position. Overall, Xbox could certainly have picked a better time to test third-party options.

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If Sea of Thieves succeeds, Microsoft will be motivated to expand its live service titles to other hardware.

Games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, and Call of Duty are already multiplatform. However, with the teams behind such projects working on new live-service offerings, their next games could continue to arrive across multiple platforms.

Further showcasing Microsoft’s shifting strategy, the gaming giant reportedly plans to launch new consoles in 2026. A new handheld could also be in development, taking Microsoft’s focus away from one fixed piece of hardware.

Therefore, there is a lot that remains a mystery from Xbox’s side. Only time will tell how things play out, but Sea of Thieves appears to be on track for a huge PS5 launch.

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