Leak Suggests Microsoft Believes “Every Screen is An Xbox”

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Xbox Fully Committed To Multi-Platform Strategy!

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  • A leak suggests Microsoft’s motto moving forward is ‘every screen is an Xbox.’
  • This highlights Microsoft’s ambition to make Xbox games available on various devices, possibly including rival consoles.
  • Despite the multi-device approach, Phil Spencer stated there would be new Xbox hardware in the future.
  • The leak also points to another Call of Duty title this fall.

The details of Microsoft’s online town hall meeting with key leaders, including Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond, have been leaked. This leak comes before the Xbox business update scheduled for February 15.

The leak offers a glimpse into the company’s ambitious vision for the future of gaming: an Xbox experience that reaches across various devices, cementing its status as a leading cross-platform player.

Why it matters: The leak lines up with the recent rumors of Xbox going multi-platform. More details will come out in today’s Xbox business update.

Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass
Call of Duty Could Join Game Pass After Microsoft’s Acquisition

According to the source, who spoke to multiple employees present at the virtual meeting, Sarah Bond declared a new motto for Xbox.

Every screen is an Xbox.

-Sarah Bond

The quote set the tone for discussing the company’s multi-device ambitions. This aligns with previous statements from Xbox leadership, like Jason Ronald’s 2020 assertion that Xbox isn’t trying to force the player to upgrade or restrict games to specific devices.

Interestingly, during the virtual meeting, attendees were surprised to find images of Palworld appearing on every screen. After being exposed to Palworld on every screen, some employees entertained the idea of a new Xbox handheld, which has been rumored recently.

Showing Palworld on numerous screens reflects Xbox’s wider goal of making gaming more accessible and inclusive. By showing its availability on tablets, TVs, monitors, and handheld devices, Microsoft wants to reach gamers no matter the device they use.

One thing is for certain: the popularity of Palworld has grabbed the attention of industry experts, with millions of players enjoying the game on various platforms.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer at Microsoft
Xbox Head Phil Spencer

If Microsoft secures exclusive rights to Palworld, it could strengthen Xbox’s position in the market, providing a distinct advantage over rival platforms.

Moreover, the town hall addressed future hardware development, with Phil Spencer confirming Xbox’s future presence in the market. While details remain murky, it suggests Microsoft isn’t abandoning dedicated gaming hardware despite its multi-device push.

A significant point to note is that the leak mentions another Call of Duty game coming out this fall. This would line up with Activision’s typical annual release pattern and recent reports from trustworthy leakers.

However, the town hall wasn’t all positive. Spencer admitted to recent layoffs, describing them as a tough call made to halt unsuccessful ventures. The recent layoffs at Xbox underscores the challenging landscape of the gaming industry.

Even industry giants like Microsoft must make difficult decisions to stay agile and successful.

As always, these leaks are to be taken with a grain of salt. Xbox’s business meeting is scheduled to take place today, and Phil Spencer will be coming ahead to give an update about everything that has happened recently.

Regardless, Microsoft’s bold “every screen is an Xbox” vision could shake up traditional gaming methods focused on exclusivity. If it pans out, it has the potential to change how the industry operates, reaching a broader audience with Xbox games and services than ever before.

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