Quake 6 Teased By MachineGames During Latest Showcase

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Modern Quake Entry Coming Up!

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  • Quake is among id Software and MachineGames’ most important IPs.
  • A new title for this franchise was recently teased at the Developer Direct.
  • MachineGames also worked on a remaster of Quake 2 recently.

Along with the likes of Doom, Quake has been considered one of the pioneers of first-person shooters. Having existed for over three decades, this series is very close to fans of the genre.

Last year, a remaster of Quake 2 was released by MachineGames, id Software, and Nightdive Studios. It seems MachineGames is also working on an additional project, teasing Quake 6 during the latest Xbox Developer Direct.

Why it matters: Quake is still a relevant IP today, staying popular thanks to its distinct experience in the first-person shooter genre.

Quake 6
Source: Resetera

During the latest Xbox Developer Direct, Microsoft showed games like Hellblade 2 and Avowed. However, MachineGames’ Indiana Jones became the biggest focus of the presentation.

As spotted by users on Resetera, MachineGames’ segment included a reference to Quake 6. In addition to the ‘AKE 6’ text, the famous Quake logo can be seen on the whiteboard, indicating plans for a new entry in this series.

It has long been rumored that a new Quake game is id Software’s next release. Both MachineGames and id Software have worked closely on projects in the past, sharing technology like the id Tech engine, which is also being used for Indiana Jones.

Therefore, it seems like one of these teams is helming a new project for the Quake series. 

In 2017, id Software and Saber Interactive released Quake Champions. This series has only received remasters and re-releases since then, so a new game is certainly long overdue for longtime fans.

Last year, Blade was also teased at the Xbox Developer Direct, but it wasn’t noticed until the recent official announcement. Therefore, this teaser is expected to turn into something bigger over time.

For the time being, MachineGames is fully occupied with Indiana Jones and The Great Circle. The team intends to ship this project in 2024, using its expertise in first-person games to deliver an action-adventure game with a unique identity.

While this Developer Direct was already exciting after the Indiana Jones reveal, the possibility of a new Quake game showing up soon has led to even more anticipation for the future of Xbox and its first-party teams.

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