Palworld Already Major Success At Release With 370K Players

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Pokemon With Guns Is A Recipe For Success!

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  • Palworld has managed to cross 370K players on Steam.
  • The game only launched a few hours ago on Steam and Game Pass.
  • Reviews of the game are also extremely positive so far.

Palworld is an action-adventure RPG by Pocketpair that just released on Steam. Despite releasing just a few hours ago, the title has already set Steam on fire, boasting over 370K concurrent players on the platform.

Announced about two years ago, this game was dubbed ‘Pokemon with guns.’ However, there was not much hype around it, so these results have been quite interesting to see.

Why it matters: Palworld seemingly blends gameplay ideas from popular releases like Fortnite, Pokemon, Genshin Impact, and more. As strange as this max may seem, the formula appears to have been a major success.

Palworld Player Count On SteamDB
Concurrent Player Count via SteamDB

While such player counts are typically expected from free-to-play titles, Palworld does not fall in this category. Currently, at a 10% discount, Palworld costs less than $28, but it is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

This makes its success even more surprising since one would expect a game like this to attract players primarily from the subscription. However, considering Palworld has drawn comparisons to Pokemon, this launch is quite fitting.

Pokemon is among the industry’s biggest IPs, so this comparison alone likely drew many people to the game. It should also be noted that this player count is from the Steam version alone.

Palworld screenshot

Combining the players from Xbox Game Pass, Palworld has likely surpassed over 500K concurrent players already. With the weekend upon us, the game will only rise in popularity from here.

Palworld was supposed to be a minor game with just four developers working on it at the start.

However, once the potential was spotted, the scale of the title increased. With thousands of players and very positive reviews, the game is bashing numbers left and right on Steam.

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