The PS4 Is Officially 10 Years Old Today

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  • PS4 turns a decade old today.
  • The console was introduced with an improved controller and streamlined hardware for easier development.
  • It was launched at a cheaper price than the Xbox One, which gave it an edge over others. 

Nearly seven years after the launch of the PS3, Sony announced the PS4 during the early parts of 2013, releasing it a few months later in the same year. While the PS3 was eventually a commercial success, Sony was determined for a good start in 2013.

The PS3 cost much more than its rivals and offered a weak first-party library in the beginning, which made the earliest day of the console very troublesome. However, these mistakes were not repeated.

With the PS4, Sony introduced a cost-effective machine that capitalized on the faults of its rivals. This eventually allowed it to completely outclass the competition. Therefore, this was an extremely important release 10 years ago.

Why it matters: The PS3 is still PlayStation’s worst-selling console. Therefore, the transition to the next generation was a massive success for Sony.

PlayStation 4 Console Anniversary UK

The PS4 came with superior hardware than the Xbox One, allowing it to run games at a higher resolution across the entire generation. Despite the difference in hardware, it was priced at $400 compared to the $500 price set by Microsoft.

This was an immediate edge for the console. Additionally, the PS4 brought Sony’s first major revision to the Dualshock controller since the days of the PS2. With a more bulky design and a touchpad, it presented a modern iteration of the Dualshock.

Perhaps the first-party library of the PS4 will be its most remembered aspect. Over the years, this console introduced gamers to IPs like Bloodborne in 2015, Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018, and Ghost of Tsushima in 2020.

Classic IPs like God of War also found new life on the console, becoming cult classics. Meanwhile, Xbox struggled to compete, allowing Sony to win a completely one-sided generation after it faced stiff competition from the Xbox 360.


The PS4 was a commercial success for Sony, becoming its second most-sold home console. It shipped over 117 million units and became the most successful PlayStation console in terms of revenue.

Such success has also led to work on RPCSX, an emulator that ran its first game in 2023. Fans hope this project will bring games like Bloodborne to other platforms eventually.

This console has now been superseded by the PS5, which is on track to go through similar success. With over 46.6 million sales, the PS5 is quickly catching up.

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