PS4 Emulator RPCSX Can Now Run Its First Game

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Progressing Well With First Game!

PC gamers looking to enjoy PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima are out of luck. However, PS4 emulators are in progress and may allow these games to be playable soon. Another emulator, RPCSX, is also in development.

The developers from RPCS3, the PS3 emulator, are working on the project. While RPCSX is still in the early stage of development, it has managed to run its first game.

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Emulation allows PC gamers to play old and retro console games on PC. This feature also allows improved visuals for older games.

Various consoles like the Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, and more are already being emulated on the platform. The RPCS3 developers hope to achieve similar success with a PS4 emulator on the platform.

As seen above, the RPCSX emulator can boot its first game, but it is limited to showing its main menu screen of the game “We Are Doomed.” While this might not be too impressive, this is a great progress for an early build.

Emulators traditionally take years to develop. This was also the case for RPCS3, which is still improving with each update. Therefore, the next few years could lead to a massive breakthrough for PS4 emulation.

Regarding other PS4 emulators, the spine emulator can run 125 games, but those are limited to simple 2D graphics. Users looking to download RPCSX can head to the GitHub link for the project.

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