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7 Solutions For PS4 Error CE-34878-0

Learn how to fix the error by restarting your console, reinstalling the original HDD. updating its firmware and more.

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PS4 error CE-34878-0 indicates a problem with the application or game you are trying to access. Damaged HDD, defective power supply, faulty graphics card, and corrupt/outdated software are some prominent causes.

PS4 Error CE-34878-0
The error may appear as the following message on your screen:
WARNING: Error CE-34878-0: An error has occured in the following application.

Key Takeaways

  • Error CE-34878-0 occurs while playing a game or running an app, typically indicating a software or system crash.
  • Outdated PS4 system software, old app versions, or a damaged HDD can be its root causes
  • You can fix it by updating the PS4 system software, using the original HDD, or initializing the PS4.  
Note: Use quick fixes, such as restarting the game and power cycling the PS4 and the internet router. Update the PS4 and your games/apps timely to avoid such errors.

Rebuild PS4 Database

Rebuilding the database fixes corrupt cache and system data to clear up any temporary bugs or glitches. We tried this to resolve the PS4 error CE-34878-0, which worked effectively. Don’t worry, this won’t delete any data. 

Use External HDD

We noticed that some games require double the amount of free space on the disk than their original game size. For example, a 20GB game may require up to 40GB of free space for smooth installation. Therefore, we attached an external HDD storage to the PS4 and then performed the download. 

Restore App License

Another method we discovered during our testing is restoring the app license. By doing so, The PS4 restored all licenses for our account, including those for apps and games, hence eliminating the error. 

To restore an app license on your PlayStation 4, you can try the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses.
  2. Let the process finish, and check the app.

Disable Camera And Voice Recognition

While testing the fixes for the error, we discovered that camera and voice recognition features can sometimes lead to this error. Therefore, we disabled these from the PS Settings and eliminated the error. 

Change Screen Resolution

Users Sonicgaming2352 and Marklehnman3185 vouched for this solution on a YouTube video by TDG Gaming, so we also tried changing the screen resolution settings on our PS4. It quickly resolved the issue.

These are the steps we followed:

  1. Move to PS4 Settings > Sound And Screen >Video Output Settings >Resolution.
  2. Change the resolution to your preferred choice, e.g., 720p, 1080p, and more.

Reinstall Original HDD

The error can occur when you have upgraded your PS4’s HDD to a larger capacity or a faster SSD. It is recommended to use the original HDD that comes with the PS4 console to avoid any errors or glitches. We reverted to the original HDD, therefore fixing the error, as it also did for this Reddit user.

WARNING: Remember that reinstalling the original HDD will result in losing the data or game installations on the current HDD. Back up your data beforehand to retain it.

Initialize PS4

Finally, if nothing else works, initialize your PS4, as this helps restore everything to how it was when you first purchased the console. This will fix the error if there is a bug or glitch in the system that is causing it.

WARNING: Back up any important data or game saves to an external storage device or the cloud, as the initialization will delete all data and settings from your PS4.

Common Questions Answered

What Is Error CE-34878-0 On PS4?

CE-34878-0 error code means the system software crashed while running the app.

What Causes This Error On PS4?

Corrupt files, outdated games or OS, and faulty hard drives are some reasons you may see this error.

How To Fix PS4 Error CE-34878-0?

You can quickly fix this error by disabling the face and voice recognition, changing screen resolution, or using an external HDD.

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