PS4 Emulation Makes Huge Leap As 3D Games Become Playable

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Persona 5 And More Games Making Huge Progress!

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  • Multiple PS4 emulators are rapidly making progress.
  • shadPS4 can now boot 3D games like One Piece and Persona 5, making them playable for the first time.
  • This could be the beginning of greater progress, eventually leading to fully playable games like Bloodborne, Infamous Second Son, and more on PC.

PS4 emulation still has a long way to go, but work on multiple emulators is ongoing. The team behind RPCS3 is also working on its own emulator, and all these developers hope to make the entire last-generation library playable soon.

While progress has been quite slow for now, one particular emulator has made a major leap. shadPS4 can now boot and run 3D games, making it a cut above most other emulators for this console.

Why it matters: Emulation has always been a huge benefit of PC gaming since it expands the library further. The PS4 is one of the consoles without such an emulator.

PlayStation 4
The PS4 Should Be Easier To Emulate Than The PS3

As shared on Twitter, this emulator can now boot and play One Piece, signifying its recent progress. However, it’s important to note that the game isn’t fully playable from start to finish.

It also displays various visual bugs once the gameplay begins, but the progress is still significant. Up until now, PS4 emulators have been limited to booting such games or playing basic 2D sprite graphics-based games.

Moreover, ShadPS4 has been able to boot more complex games like Persona 5 and Resident Evil Origins Collections. The team could make these games playable even further with more work and time.

While the progress may not seem like much right now, it could eventually lead to Bloodborne becoming playable on PC, fulfilling a long-time dream for audiences.

Bloodborne Is Currently Trapped On PS4 and PS5 Without Proper Enhancements

The PS4 turned 10 last year, so it’s about time we got a functional emulator. Even with PlayStation’s PC push, this console has a vast library that remains unexplored and inaccessible to PC gamers, making these emulation projects quite important.

Fans should expect more updates shortly. Since the emulation teams have made it this far, further progress should be even easier, making the PS4 emulation dream a real possibility.

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